Only until the end of the month does Apple offer you more money for your devices


The Apple Trade In program may offer you a bonus on the final amount of the trade-in of an old device for a new device.

A few days before a new WWDC happens, Apple wants to grab the attention of its credit-hungry users when gifting an eligible device. If you have iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and other devices, you could get a discount on the purchase of a new device and receive a supplement of the final amount until May 31.

Apple offers more cash in trade-in for your devices

Thanks to the Apple Trade In program, it is possible to receive a discount upon delivery of a product that meets the acceptance requirements to purchase a new one. Interestingly, those in Cupertino reduced the value given to devices such as the Apple Watch, Mac and iPad a few days ago.

apple products

Apple products that have become essential

This exchange of product and money to buy a new device goes from 50 to 685 euros in the case of the iPhone. On iPad from 205 to 615 euros, on Mac it goes from 130 to 4530 euros. Finally, in the Apple Watch, they are offered from 35 to 160 euros. Curiously, devices that are not covered can be recycled free of charge.

See the terms and conditions to trade in your devices

It is very important that you consult all the information available for the exchange. This is precisely the value that Apple could give can be extra as long as the device meets the standards they require. In fgeneral these are generally devices in excellent cosmetic condition and without any internal failure. Also by the model (the older the value, the lower the value) and the storage configuration.

iPhone 13 sales

iPhone 13 maintains good sales, even if the mobile market is in decline

If the device is not eligible for exchange, the direct option is free recycling. This can be done at an Apple Store or by mailing the device itself.

If you have one or more old devices that you no longer use and want to recover them or simply recycle them for the time they are used, the Apple Trade In program is the best option.

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