Oscar-winning ‘CODA’ is a ‘remake’ of a French film

We feared the ninety-fourth Oscars would be another tostón. But, between the presenters, Amy Schumer, Wanda Sykes and Regina Hall, and Will Smith’s unexpected slap in the face of Chris Rock and his messianic, heartbreaking vindication, not only was the ceremony more talked about than usual, but the triumph of a remake What CODA: the sounds of silence (2021) has been hopelessly overshadowed by controversy and memes about it.

As Rebeca Argudo very well points out in The Spaniard, the 2022 Oscar gala was the most inclusive and diverse and one that championed peace and feminism, and also “in which the best actor gave the presenter a terrible blow to defend the honor of his woman. What a paradox.” And that I win a drama film about a family of deaf-mutes, second by director Siân Heder after Talulah (2016), can only further accentuate such a contrast.

However, what viewers don’t seem to be very aware of is that CODAdistributed by Apple TV+ and with further recognition at the Sundance Festival and the BAFTAs, constitutes a new release of the French film The Aries familydirected by Eric Lartigau (2014) and with a César award for actress Louane Emera, who plays the young protagonist, Paula Bélier, and a nomination for best comedy at the European Cinema Awards.

“CODA: The Sounds of Silence” and three other “remakes” nominated


But he was no exception at those bizarre 2022 Oscars. dunes by Denis Villeneuve is the second adaptation of Frank Herbert’s famous homonymous novel (1965) after the David Lynch disaster. On another side, the alley of lost soulsthe work of Guillermo del Toro, means the same for the book published by William Lindsay Gresham (1946) and its first translation on the big screen, that of Edmund Goulding (1947).

And there is the West Side Story by Steven Spielberg from the Broadway musical (1957) to the cinema by Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins (1961), who directed it to a libretto by Arthur Laurents, music by Leonard Bernstein and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim. This film swept the Oscars with ten statuettes. Like six others redone that, on the other hand, in some cases they were not the last to tell the same story with an audiovisual product.