over 1,500 locations and even a search engine

If you are addicted to Elden Ring, here is the best help for your adventures in Middle-earth, an app with the most complete map and all key locations which is also free!

sure to all video game fans that you follow us daily we will not have to explain to you that Elden Ring is the phenomenon of the moment in the industry, although it is necessary to put the most profane in situation with this action role-playing game title developed by FromSoftware and released by Bandai Namco just a few weeks ago, which bases some of its success on a vast world known as Middle-earth and which can be freely explored by players.

In fact, it’s good if it reminds you The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild you are on the right track, because five years after Nintendo’s great game, it looks like we finally have an heir who takes the gauntlet and lets himself grow from this concept, surprising critics with what is already probably the best scan in the whole industry of video games.

Ring of Elden

Without a doubt, Elden Ring is the phenomenon of the moment in the world of video games.

Either way, enjoying these titles isn’t that easy, and those of you who have played breath of nature or are you right now immersed in the plots of Ring of Elden you will have already realized knowing all the details and secrets of these huge maps is a complicated and tedious taskpartly solved by grace points or by teleportation but always heavy in terms of time due to the need to travel great distances.

Anyway, here we have the first application for Android that will try to make your experience easier with Elden Ring, providing you with the complete unofficial MapGenie map which is also collaborative and growing day by day, with more details about the game that explorers find:

Elden Ring review – A masterpiece that redefines the open world genre

To date, this free app has surpassed 50,000 downloads, giving Elden Ring players the ability to Quickly search locations on the game mapin addition to showing us more than 70 categories including bosses, dungeons and a long etcetera, as well as the exact location of over 1,500 game elements such as keys, weapons, quests or flasks.

Moreover, all this continues to grow day by day, and even we can configure the map according to our progress through the MapGenie website, so that the application is synchronized and we can follow the history more comfortably.

They launch a free application with the complete map of Elden Ring: more than 1,500 places and even a search engine

If even allow annotationsmark our own locations and do something like this a database of our points of interest in Middle-earth.

The next thing, according to the developers, will be include game underground maps who are not yet in this genius, although surely in a few weeks we can already enjoy the most comprehensive map guide to the ancient ring and also totally free.

We have already said, the game of From software and Bandai is now a mass phenomenon, with Signature of the creator of Dark SoulsHidetaka Miyazaki, alongside George RR Martin himselfauthor of a saga Song of Ice and Fire which ended up being the embryo of Game of Thrones. with these wickers only one jewel could come out that our colleagues from AlfaBetaJuega analyze in detail here.

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