What are the Different Types of USB Cables?

What are the different types of USB cables

We all today know what a USB cable is and our dependence on these types of elements. They are used for many things, whether it is file transmission or to load a specific device. Despite knowing their special functions, it should also be noted that there are different types among them. In addition, each of them will determine the type of use … Read more

How Do Payment Gateways Work

Payment gateways: how do I choose the best one for my online store? Making the right choice of platforms and payment gateways on your website and virtual online store is key to your business on the Internet. There are many elements to a successful online store creation and design, from eCommerce platforms to good web … Read more

Local SEO Guide; Why do you need a strategy?

Local SEO Guide

Local SEO is a marketing campaign based on a strategy to improve the visibility and positioning of the website, in Internet search engines, in front of niches and user profiles related to the geographical position where that business or company is located. Today we explain all its benefits and the keys to doing it yourself! Appearing … Read more

How to increase website speed – 20 keys to improve

How to increase website speed

Do you have a slow website and need to improve the loading speed to turn it into a fast website that will make Google and your users fall in love? How to increase website speed? The importance of a fast website cannot be overstated. Improving the loading speed of your website can reduce your bounce rate … Read more

How to block your Facebook profile from people you don’t know?

How to block your Facebook profile from people you don't know

Facebook continues to renew itself and include new functions and tools for the benefit of its millions of users worldwide. The most recent is called ‘Lock your profile’ or ‘Block your profile’, which protects your personal information, publications, and photos you have shared through the social network. That is, all the posts that you have ever shared on Facebook cannot be viewed by … Read more

How to view Instagram stories anonymously

How to view Instagram stories anonymously

There is a trick on Instagram with which you can see your friends’ stories without them noticing and thus go unnoticed. Here we tell you how! Much of the success of Instagram and the fact that it is considered one of the most popular social networks in the world is due to the integration of Instagram Stories, in … Read more

How to take a break from IG?

How to take a break from IG

We teach you how to activate a function that will help you take a break from Instagram so that you can enjoy your free time. Spending time on social media is fun, but it can result in you spending hours staring at the screen. You start by watching a short video that caught your eye and ended … Read more

WhatsApp message Forwarded’ tag: How to forward without ‘Forwarded’ tag?

WhatsApp message Forwarded’ tag

There is a secret trick within WhatsApp that allows you to remove the ‘Forwarded’ tag every time you forward a message. Here’s how. For some time, WhatsApp integrated functionality within the application in which a ‘Forwarded’ label appears every time a message, be it text, image, video, GIF, link or sticker, is forwarded from one chat to another. This tool fulfils … Read more