Paul Dano will write an Enigma comic

the fever for Batman is far from disappearing. Warner and Matt Reeves plan to create a whole universe around the character of Matt Reeves, so little by little we will start to see other types of productions that will complement what we have already seen on the big screen. Among them is, for example, a comic riddle. The most interesting thing is that will be written by Paul Danothe standout actor who brought the main villain of Batman.

Riddler: first year (Riddle: first year), as they dubbed the comic, will be the responsibility of Paul Dano and artist Stevan Subic (via IGN). Of course, it will be released under the DC imprint. yes his story intended for an adult audience, then it will surely have illustrations with a high degree of violence. The above shouldn’t be too surprising given the tone Enigma had in Batman; a crazed, violent villain who was sometimes reminiscent of the Joker himself.

If you’re a fan of DC superheroes, you probably know the comics First year of several of them. Fundamentally, show us the beginnings of these characters before devoting themselves as heroes or enemies. own Batman is partly based on Batman: Year One. It is curious that one of the few antagonists that does not have this type of comic is Enigma, but which will be abandoned very soon.

“These series [de cómics] explores the backstory of how accountant Edward Nashton went from just a regular Gotham City person to Batman’s nemesis, setting them on a collision course in the hit feature film,” reads the description. If no delay occurs unexpectedly, Riddle: first year will see the light in October this year. No specific date has been revealed at this time.

This comic is just one of Warner and DC’s bets to enrich the universe of Batman. We must not forget that on the way there are at least two spin-off series. One of them will focus on the Gotham Police Department, where we will see James Gordon deal with the city’s criminals before Batman appears. Sure, Jeffrey Wright will resume his role.