‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians’ Already Has a Lead Actor

Walker Scobell, one of the stars of The Adam Project, was chosen as the protagonist from Percy Jackson and the Olympians. The latter is a new adaptation live action for Disney Plus based on the book series by Rick Riordan. Now, thanks to the portal deadline we know that Scobell will play Percy Jackson himself in his crazy adventures full of Greek mythology.

the young actor He is only 13 years old., a number greater than the 12 with which the story of Percy Jackson begins in the saga of the books. Still, it’s still a fairly accurate choice compared to the cast the film adaptation received between 2010 and 2013.

The new adaptation of Percy Jackson by Disney Plus was announced almost two years ago. Rick Riordan, adventure writer, made it known via his Twitter profile. Here Riordan commented that the first season of this new production will follow the plot described in the first adventure book of Percy Jackson and his other demigod friends.

Moreover, the series is committed to following the quality standards of disney More. In other words, we will have production at the level of The Mandalorian Yes Wanda Visionamong other quite popular series on the platform.

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A facelift for Percy Jackson

Illustration from the Percy Jackson books

We also know that this new series will have nothing to do with the two films released at the beginning of the last decade. On this occasion, we will see the events from the beginningwhen young Percy Jackson begins to realize that his life is a little different from the other children around him.

This, in turn, ushers in the beginning of the hero’s path. Right here, Percy will have to face his family pastto his new responsibilities as a demigod, and to a primordial evil that he will have to face with his group of friends.

We can’t say much more at this point, but we’re very excited about the highest quality “live action” series following the original story of all five books of Percy Jacksonstarting with The Lightning Thief in the first season.

Rick Riordan

The production of Percy Jackson and the Olympians starts this summer. Also, we will see James Bobin (The Muppets) as a project manager. Riordan, meanwhile, will be the in charge of scriptwriting for the series alongside Jon Steinberg. Likewise, the latter will act as showrunner alongside Dan Shotz.

For the time being a few other important roles remain be revealed. However, it is to be hoped that over time we will see news about the state of Percy Jackson and the Olympians.