Perseverance finds its “lost” parachute

On February 18, 2021, the Rover of Perseverance landed on March using a parachute that caused a stir on Earth for the hidden message it contained. It is quite common for these types of vehicles to take pictures of themselves, selfies, or other parts of the lander they arrived at their destination with. However, Perseverance had to quickly wander off in search of their first survey area and was unable to take the relevant images. It will therefore have been necessary to wait more than a year for him to finally find and be able to photograph your parachute.

He did it on April 6, thanks to his camera MastCam-Zalthough the image was shared a few days later by the NASA engineer kevin mcgil. He posted it on his Twitter account along with a very simple text: “sun 404parachute found.

With this terminology, it refers to the day it was found. If we talk about April 6, we use terrestrial terms, but to talk about days on Mars we use the suns, which refer to the length of a solar day on this planet and correspond to 24 hours, 39 minutes and just over 35 seconds. There are no years, so the suns are counted from a specific time. In this case, Perseverance found its parachute 404 suns after landing on the red planet. A bit like when you find a note in the pocket of a coat. If a year has passed and you can’t even remember it, that’s even more exciting.

The long journey of perseverance

The Perseverance rover arrived on Mars in 2021 with several goals. From searching for signs of ancient microbial life to characterizing the planet’s geology and climate, all with the goal of paving the way for future human-crewed missions.