PETA shares a video to promote its ideals


Ring of Elden

Ring of Elden It was released a few weeks ago and its launch was a complete success. FromSoftware’s new title has already become the best selling game of 2022 in the United States, which has attracted the attention of all kinds of companies. One of them was PETAan organization dedicated to the defense of animal rights that has taken advantage of the rise of video games to promote respect for all creatures in the kingdom.

PETA and video games

PETA’s history with video games is not something new, as the organization has used them as a platform to spread its ideals on several occasions. Examples are the whaling protest in Assassin’s Creed Black Flag or complaint to Pokemon for animal abuse. In 2020, PETA also attacked animal crossing demanding the release of animals from the museum and asking players not to chase bugs or fish.

This time, the controversy reached Elden Ring, Miyazaki’s new title. The organization shared a video via their official Twitter account where they show how to be respectful with animals present in the game. In the video they are listed five gestures that players can achieve, such as convincing mercenaries not to exploit horses or observing wildlife from a safe and respectful distance.

Unlike PETA’s previous posts, this Elden Ring post appears to have a more relaxed tone than usual, because the video has a certain comedic touch that was not present in the company’s other events. What is clear is that FromSoftware’s new game is a complete success if it has caught the attention of organizations like PETA to use as a means of dissemination.

Source: Comic