Picard’ breaks the molds and it works well for him

When we completely swallowed it up, we told you that the first season of Star Trek: Picard (as of 2020) was the most attractive series of how many were released on an interstellar journey through the universe of the United Federation of Planets, suggestive, moving and worthy of a second. That Alex Kurtzman, Kirsten Beyer, Michael Chabon and Akiva Goldsman, its creators, finally brought us this 2022.

At the beginning, it plays to provoke our curiosity with a sequence of enormous tension and extremely serious events. in half resolution to jump to titles and a large backtrack. In the usual settings, go ahead. And he offers us two pretty juicy mysteries. Especially for those who have followed the previous adventures of Jean-Luc Picard by Patrick Stewart. And another of greater dramatic intimacy.

But the twists that occur at the beginning of this season two disconcert and surprise us much more than those of the first season. Because its sci-fi elements are fromdecidedly interesting more because of its narrative implications. Thus, they grab our unconditional attention for reasons other than nostalgia. hiker and reunions with beloved characters.

The narrative dynamism of ‘Star Trek: Picard’


is revealed more exciting, and its closures provide the power to want to keep watching one chapter after another. Without rotting at any time or hypnotizing us in any sequence, which Star Trek: Picardlike almost all the proposals of the franchise created by Gene Roddenberry in 1966, entertains, has fun and, sometimes, even manages to surprise us, but that never makes us mad with love.

Galactic images are always fascinating, yes, and in this sequel to Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987-1994) after the movie NOTandmesis (2002) about Jean-Luc Picard by Patrick Stewart, something different does not happen. We also don’t feel that the adventure is repetitive or monotonous, but in this second season, it advances by offering us continuous novelties and changing scenarios and realitiesand so it hooks us too.

Respect every ingredient, situation and twist the essential consistency with the essentials of the veteran sci-fi saga, and conquer us for its audiovisual efforts as viewers. Which is already a success considering the more than half a century of stories they have delivered to us in seven other television series and thirteen feature films. As it would not have happened, moreover, with the one Quentin Tarantino intended to do.

A few twists for the franchise


There are aerial movements of the camera which cross a surface and which are repeated in several episodes until they are annoying. But visual planning of Doug Aarniokoski, the actress Lea Thompson, known for the three films of Back to the future (1985-1990); the usual Jonathan Frakes, who participated as a director in seven projects of star trek in addition to playing Will Riker; Joe Menendez and Michael Weaver it’s effective.

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An alternative edit in the last section of one of the chapters for an intense discursive sequence ends with a whole new twistnot only in Star Trek: Picardbut concerning the frankness of The new generation. In which there is a certain insistence on ending an old argument, and which makes as much sense as possible of the plot of season two as a whole. who, on the other hand, do not you lack heart.

Because the behavior of the characters, from those in the foreground to the antagonists, is tinged here with feelings, often crystalline but with a strategic push for the general credibility of the story, which they touch us thanks to the impeccable work of the cast led by Patrick Stewart. And this constitutes another of the satisfactions that the second season of Star Trek: Picard.