Pixar reinstates same-sex kissing in ‘Lightyear’ after criticizing Disney

Disney found itself at the center of controversy after its employees revealed how the company was handling the issue of legislation”don’t say gay“; which took place in the state of Florida. Now, following this incident, Pixar has decided to restore a kiss between two women in his new animated film, Light year. Said fuck, as commented from Varietyhad been eliminated during the editing of the film.

On March 9, Pixar Animation Studios employees belonging to and allied with the LGBTQ+ community, sent a statement to the Walt Disney Company. In the letter, the group of people accused the company of actively censoring the “openly gay affection” in his productions.

Pixar’s statement makes no mention of any particular production. However, it came as part of a protest against Disney executives due to the company’s silence on Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” legislation.

Fortunately, looks like Pixar’s move made a difference. Those responsible for the animated film decided to recreate the kiss between two women in Light year.

Disney and its low LGBTQ+ representation

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Besides the silence on the “Don’t Say Gay” legislation, Disney has been widely decried for several years by various militant sectors due to its disappointing LGBTQ+ representation. Whether it’s two characters kissing in the background (as seems to be the case with Pixar with Light year); Where an intuitive relationship but never mentioned explicitly; the company has failed to deliver real, vibrant inclusion.