Play Store will accept alternative payment methods, but only with Spotify

Google announced that will allow the use of alternative payment methods in the Play Store, your store for apps, games, books and movies. It will initially be on a trial basis and will be limited to a very small number of developers, starting with Spotify as a first ally.

As Mountain View explains, the pilot program Billing at the user’s choice will allow the public to choose how to pay for an in-app purchase. Thus, they can opt for the payment gateway that Google has always offered, or take advantage of a third-party option provided by the developers of the application in question.

In this way, the Play Store will extend to other countries what is already available in South Korea. Remember that last year the so-called anti-Google law was passed, forcing the company – and also Apple – to offer alternative payment methods in its application stores.

What Google is offering now could be considered a nod to regulators, facing growing pressure in different parts of the world. However, various user-selectable billing details have yet to be disclosed; among them, the precise date of its launch, and the changes in relation to the payment of commissions.

Why did Google choose Spotify as its first ally?

The inclusion of alternative payment methods in the Play Store is a move long overdue by many companies, though arguably none have been as vocal on the subject as Spotify. In fact, the popular music and podcast streaming platform has also publicly crossed paths with Apple over its policies around the App Store.