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year 1800

year 1800

Anno 1800 is a video game by construction Is city ​​builder in real time and takes place in the industrial age, more precisely in the 19th century. Its launch took place in 2019 and received great support from players, exceeding the million copies sold. His success was so great that he is included, by many actors, among The best games based on historical events.

This popular strategy video game, created by Ubisoft, will launch its Season 4 accompanied by a few Downloadable content with which the content of the game will be further expanded. This is clear proof that even though Anno 1800 was released in 2019, this strategy title is still a hit with gamers.

So you can play Anno 1800 for free

As part of the celebration of this new release, Ubisoft will allow Anno 1800 to be downloaded for free on PC. But this promotion is only available from April 12 to 19so we only have 7 days to enjoy. In addition, the platforms on which it can be downloaded are the Epic Games Store or Ubisoft Connect.

Portals on which it is available: Epic Games Store or Ubisoft

Free download period: From April 12 to 19

Platforms for which it is available: pc

On the other hand, if we are finally going to buy the game, we must bear in mind that there are different editions that bring the main gamethe luxury package and the different season passes of Anno 1800. Those who purchase the game through Ubisoft’s friend referral program will additionally receive the seasonal decoration pack.

Source: Ubisoft