Playing Elden Ring with Nintendo’s Ring Con


Elden Ring with Ring-Con

Play Elden Ring with Ring Con

If we think of the most popular games of the moment, Ring of Elden is the first thing that comes to mind. Although at the start of the year sales were very strong compared to other titles such as Pokémon Arceus Legends, it was the From Software title that has attracted all the attention since its launchbeing one of the best appreciated by the majority of the gaming community.

If, according to the impressions of many players, Elden Ring has everything it takes to fully enjoy the experience, a streamer has decided to up the ante swap controller for Ring Con. This accessory is related to the Ring Fit Adventure game, something no one would ever associate with this From Software game.

The streamer in question is Super Loius 64, who had already played several games with the Nintendo ring. This user has shared a video on different social networks where he shows how to control his characters and how he is able to fight with them, having to do a lot of physical exercise while enjoying Elden Ring.

In case playing Elden Ring with Ring Con wasn’t complicated, this user demonstrated on the networks how managed to take down one of the bosses of the game. This streamer posted a video with his incredible achievement, where he showed both how he moved to finish off the enemy and the scene where he finished him off on his first attempt.

Ring Con to play different titles

This isn’t the first time different players have used the Ring Fit Adventure ring to control characters from other games. Sometime before they show us you can play titles like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Dark Souls III and Mario Kart 8, among others, with Nintendo’s Ring Con. This plugin has become very popular especially during the pandemic, so it is not surprising to see many players tempted to use it in more challenges.