PlayStation is about to announce the acquisition of a large company

The video game industry is going through an unprecedented stage where several giants in the sector, mainly PlayStation and Xbox, are throwing the house out the window by buying up multiple studios. microsoft struck a resounding blow for Activision Blizzard, whose takeover is still awaiting the green light from regulators. sony, meanwhile, opened Bungie’s wallet. However, in the case of the Japanese, looks like an even bigger acquisition is about to be announced.

This week was very important for Sony. The reason? They announced the playstation plus renewal, which from June will have new plans to offer games from previous generations. However, the eyes of the video game industry were also attentive to the possible announcement of another purchase.

It all started when Greg Millerpodcast host Funny games and a respected industry figure, said he heard three rumors related to Sony which could be discovered before the end of the 2021 financial year, which ended on March 31. One of the rumors, of course, was the presentation of the new PlayStation Plus, which happened. However, the other two declined to give details.

To everyone’s surprise, another reliable industry source, Jeff Grubb, he beat Miller. Thursday – we can exclude the April Fool—, through his podcast Grubbsnaxrevealed the other two rumors that were beginning to circulate among the insiders Of the industry. The first is that Sony is apparently preparing a event dedicated to PlayStation VR2whose design we met last February.

But what really raised expectations is that PlayStation is about to announce a new acquisition. In the last edition of Funny games, Greg Miller invited Jeff Grubb to talk about it, because it turns out that they both have very similar information. In fact, they also agree that the purchase would be “really big”. Miller, by the way, said two separate sources told him the same thing.