Pokémon Journeys could be about to reveal a new Eevee evolution



Eevee It is one of the favorite Pokémon of the fans and also one of the most particular of the saga due to its multiple evolutions. It currently has eight evolutions, but everything indicates that this number will increase very soon and the Netflix anime pokemon travels might have something to do with it.

The clues on the new evolution of Eevee

In the entire history of Pokémon anime, there has never been an Eevee that hasn’t evolved, and it looks like Pokémon Journeys will be no exception. The last time a new evolution was introduced was in Pokémon X and Y with the appearance of SylveonBut that could be about to change.

This is the Eevee of Chloe, Professor Cherry’s daughter, who was a supporting character until she met her Pokémon, joining Ash and Goh on their adventure. Until then, Chloe had never known if she wanted to be a coach, but when she saw Eevee, they both felt an instant special connection.


Eevee and Yamper

Here begins the tracks on the new possible evolution. For starters, each time a trainer caught an Eevee, it evolved into a new form. One would think that they would break with the norm this time, but everything indicates that this will not be the case, because their history is full of signs.

It is a Pokémon that was locked in a laboratory where they tried to evolve it with different stones, but they weren’t successful with any. After escaping and reuniting with Chloe and Yamper, the Seekers allowed them to continue their journey together to help Eevee discover her true identity. Before leaving, these scientists warned Chloe that it was a special Eevee because of its “Chaotic DNA”.

If this theory holds true (and it looks like it will), it would be the first time we’ve seen a further evolution of Eevee through the anime before in the games. Will we finally see frightening, Ghost-type Eevee? Either way, we won’t have to wait long to find out.

Source: The Player