possible release date and key features

The iPad Pro announced by Apple in 2021 could get a makeover this year. Specifically, In autumn, as Mark Gurman explains in his regular weekly newsletter. The journalist from Bloomberg He also revealed some key features of this model, such as the inclusion of a new processor or the arrival on the iPad of one of the most attractive features of the iPhone.

Gurman, in particular, predicts that the iPad Pro of 2022 will arrive with an M2 chip, SoC that the company may announce soon and which is rumored to offer significant performance improvements over the M1 chip, as it will include a GPU with up to 10 cores, instead of the 8 graphics performance cores that the current one includes the Apple Silicon processor. The power, yes, will be slightly lower than the M1 Pro and M1 Max chips.

The fact that Apple is betting on an M2 processor for the iPad Pro that will arrive in the fall isn’t surprising news. It is indeed planned. Above all, if we take into account that the 5th generation iPad Air, announced just a few weeks ago, includes the same SoC as the iPad Pro 2021. The differences in terms of performance between the two models are therefore practically nil, beyond a slight modification of the RAM in the versions with more storage of the iPad Pro. It is therefore a matter of months before that the tablet aimed at professionals is again cataloged as The most powerful.

The 2022 iPad Pro could be the first iPad with MagSafe

Beyond the processor, Gurman also suggests the 2022 iPad Pro will arrive with wireless charging via MagSafe. This technology, introduced on Mac in 2006 and redesigned for iPhone in 2021, makes it possible to attach accessories thanks to a magnetic system located on the back of the device. This way it will be possible to use a magnetic wireless charger like the one that Apple sells on its website and have it stick to the back to supply the iPad with battery while the user, for example, use it to play games or watch a movie.

MagSafe on iPad Pro also opens the door to new accessories that can greatly enhance the user experience. For example, covers or cases with this system, supports, etc.

The 2022 iPad Pro doesn’t have a set release date, beyond that a possible announcement in the fall, as revealed by Mark Gurman. Previously, the journalist Bloomberg He also revealed that the company could launch new Macs later this year, so it wouldn’t be strange to see the announcement of a MacBook Air with an M2 chip or a “basic” MacBook Pro, also with this processor, with the iPad Pro. .