Protect your hearing with these settings on your iPhone and Apple Watch

In the United States alone, it is estimated that approximately 37.5 million adults have hearing problems. Of these, men are considered to be twice as likely to experience a decline in their listening experience as women. This is indicated by the data shared by the National Institute of Deafness the United States.

For this reason, some companies have already gone to work to minimize this problem among their users. Apple is one of them, and both in its iPhone and iPad, as in the Apple Watch, those of Cupertino include tracking tools ambient and musical noises. In addition, they help us set off alarms when we exceed the limit of decibels to which we can be exposed daily.

Here’s how your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch can help protect your hearing; and to activate it you just have to follow a few fairly simple steps.

How much noise can we be exposed to?

noise levels

Sure, not all noise levels offer the same damage at our hearing. Moreover, it will also depend on how much time we spend exposed to certain decibel bands.

According to the information offered by Apple from its Health application, these are the levels and the times during which we may experience noise before experiencing progressive hearing loss.