‘Rapa’, another cautious crime mystery from the creators of ‘Hierro’

After this highly recommended series which is Iron (2019-2021), screenwriters Pepe Coira and Fran Araujo They return to Movistar Plus with another small town crime mystery, along widechurch (2013-2017), with grated (since 2022). But they go to the other end of the country, from the Canary Islands to Galicia. And they repeat the formula of placing two different characters in front of the investigations, a professor of literature and a civil guard, Tomás and Maite embodied by Javier Camara and Monica Lopez.

Its concept is not like Agatha Christie, with whom the identity of the murderer is always a surprise, but it is a little closer to the dynamic of Patricia Highsmith or Colombo (1971-2003) and, on the other hand, what matters is to discover the reasons for homicidal behavior. Proposing, incidentally, a social fresco in which opposing motivations lead to greater dramatic complexity. Yes manages to catch up with us What makes us want answers.

Closing each episode with a reveal or a twist and therefore a hook, sure we don’t want to get off the train. grated ultimately. Likewise, from its very first bars, audiovisual mime they spend is hard to argue, with suggestive close-ups and detail, Xavi Font’s atmospheric soundtrack, and exquisite eight-hand editing that includes near-hypnotic slow-motion compositions at critical moments.

Less charisma, same good audiovisual manners

Movistar Plus

He is exemplary in his narrative ways; It captures our attention without manipulating us. But the whole does not reach the brilliance of Iron. In part, for the minor eloquence of his dialogues and, moreover, because the charisma of the two main characters, Tomás by Javier Cámara and Maite by Mónica López, I know sample lower to those of Antonio Díaz by Darío Grandinetti and of Candela Montes by ídem Peña in the Thriller in French Canary. From the writing of Pepe Coira and Fran Araújo, one would say.

His presence is appreciated beyond a doubt, whatever the claim to fame of the first since the series seven lives (1999-2006). As the the imposing Berta Ojea, born in La Coruña. And a twist, filled with a whimsical but entirely plausible coincidence, reminds us of the awesome ending of The oathsecond adaptation of the homonymous novel by Friedrich Dürrenmatt, directed by actor Sean Penn (2001), after the film the baitby Ladislaus Vajda (1958).

Directors Jorge Coira and Elena Trapé directed three episodes each. He is also responsible for films like eighteen meals (2010) and Emperor Code (2022), and she, from Blog (2010) and The distances (2018); we did other chapters of I know who you are (2017), for example, and the other, from HIT (since 2020). And the two form several parallel edits with dramatic intensity and high closures so that we can continue with Javier Cámara and Mónica López.

‘Rapa’ does not surprise us, but it commands our respect

Movistar Plus

However, the median grated, it seems to us that its main problem is that, from certain clues, it gives the feeling that one already smells the causes of the murder and the characters involved. And, although the second is like that, he realizes that he was too clever. But, maybe, it’s not something that harms. Instead of just surprising the spectator, he strikes him in his Pridea very different experience from what we are used to in the narrative.

What strains the hinges of credibility a little are certain communication difficulties between the protagonists, like the episode “Colony” (2×16) of X files (since 1993) and with the same intention: to generate danger and concern. But, in Pepe Coira and Fran Araújo’s very decent set of fiction, that doesn’t affect much; and the game of cat and mouse that it ultimately becomes satisfies us and reminds us that making such an effort, without dazzling, is enough to gain our respect.