Razer introduces its new peripherals aimed at PC streamers


Razer Chroma Light

Razer introduced its new peripherals aimed at PC and mobile streamers. The Razer Seiren BT Microphone, Razer Audio Mixer and Razer Key Light Chroma.

As the company has pointed out, the devices are meant to unleash the creativity and flexibility of content creators, whether at home or on the go. None of the basic features of this type of device are off the hook; delivering professional-grade wireless sound, a live audio mixer, and infinitely flexible and adaptable lighting.

the sound mixer and the chroma key light are for PC content creators, from home. On the contrary, the Seiren BT wireless microphone is specially designed for streamers who use their mobile devices to record on the street in IRL (In Real Life) thanks to its reduced and discreet design.

Razer Chroma Light

The Razer Key Light Chroma is a all-in-one solution powered by Razer Chroma RGB multi-color lighting technology, which provides infinitely variable lighting for streamers streaming from their desktops, allowing them to create unique, engaging and interactive streaming and experiences with rich multi-color lighting.

Powered by AC adapter 52.5Wthe Razer Key Light Chroma is enabled for use by connecting via Wireless and Bluetoothgiving the user the ability to control their lighting from Razer Synapse 3 wave Razer Streaming mobile app. Its price is €299.00.


Razer Chroma Light

Razer Audio Mixer

The new Razer Audio Mixer is a total audio solution in one boxdesigned to personalize audio streaming, with a range of direct inputs and a powerful centralized audio mixing solution, delivering new levels of live mixing and control over streaming from your home office

The Razer Audio Mixer allows streamers to control multiple live audio sources, balance volume levels between different audio sources, mute channels as needed, or even add sound effects to enhance and give more dynamism to streamings. This level of control is simple and easy to set up, making it accessible to all streamers, regardless of technical expertise, thanks to direct input support for the most commonly used audio connections on the market. , including hybrid XLR input (48V powered), TRS input and line output, optical TOP and more. Its price is €259.99.

Razer Seiren BT

Connecting via Bluetooth and compatible with the most popular mobile streaming apps, the Seiren BT microphone provides a full freedom of movement for broadcastingdelivering rich, warm voice tones thanks to an omnidirectional microphone and powerful noise cancellation software.

Using the Seiren BT, IRL streamers can get creative with their stream, using selfie sticks and other mounts for their smartphones while streaming and without worrying about getting tangled in cables. The Seiren BT uses a simple clip design, allowing the streamer to shoot from wide angles and frame away from their smartphone while maintaining clear audio while streaming. Its price is 109.99 euros.