real violence is about to break out

The first thing they show at the start of the “Trust” episode (11×15) of The Walking Dead (since 2010), with an upward aerial shot and some bass string notes from the soundtrack composed by Bear McCreary himself from Foundation (since 2021), coincides with the images chosen to start “The Rotten Core” (11×14). But the person responsible for that violence, Toby Carlson wasted by Jason Butler Harner, has now joined the bloody heap.

With the interactions in this scene before the titles, it should be pretty clear to us that the threats facing the group of survivors who had led Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes, who better return in the third batch of this final season, They’re unlike any they’ve faced until. And the closest thing to them is in the sixth of Fear the living dead (since 2015) and in world beyond (2020-2021).

But neither of these two spin off had an ambiguous antagonist like the haunting Lance Hornsby by Josh Hamilton and its juicy presence is a plus for the series created by Frank Darabont, director of this immeasurable film that is Life imprisonment (1994), by The Majestic (2001) or the devastating Fog (2007), and his showrunner the current Californian Angela Kang. This character dazzles us as one of the best figures of The Walking Dead.

The most disturbing character of the last season of ‘The Walking Dead’


Dive into the tribulations of someone as tough as Michael James Shaw’s Mercer, who started out as homeless in Thread (2002-2008) nothing less and that we would never identify in the role of Corvus Glaive during Avengers: Infinity War (2018) and end of Game (2019), constitutes a whole detail treat it with dramatic dignity. Because his loyalty to those who preside over the Commonwealth seems to be cracking, but not his sense of justice.

The ensuing dialogue between the great Carol Peletier and Ezekiel is almost unintentionally moving. A very different feeling from the one they want to provoke in us later about Lance Hornsby, thanks to a disturbing score the aforementioned Bear McCreary and a very close-up of Josh Hamilton that reminds us of the one with which the chapter “The Lucky Ones” ends (11×12). Will this guy be the new governor of The Walking Dead?