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It’s unclear if Samsung will launch the Galaxy S22 FE, but even if these ‘Fan Edition’ are being sold as churros, the question remains… If that’s what fans want, why aren’t the ‘original’ Galaxys “? Fan edition?

There is no doubt that sales figures support the birth of the “Fan Edition” Samsungalthough these terminals that arrived in 2019 took shelter from what they demanded of the South Korean giant, their fans have always been misunderstood in the market, halfway between the mid-range and the coupe plus premiumwith the name of Galaxy S but presenting less noble materials and, above all, some options we all wish we had in the “original” Galaxy S which also costs more.

We had revived the debate with the late appearance of the Galaxy S21 FE at the start of the year, already mentioning the importance of timing and how long it took to arrive fan editionalthough obviously we were all hoping that with the landing of the Galaxy S22, S22+ and Galaxy S22 Ultra it would return to talk about Samsung Galaxy S22 FE case and doubt whether he will finally appear or not.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE screen

Samsung’s latest “fan edition”, the Galaxy S21 FE, with AMOLED at 120 hertz.

The truth is that we have already seen that in the first place, Samsung repeated the strategywith three models in its range flagship all with the platform homemade Exynos equipment (at least in our markets), without the possibility of expanding the internal memories and also of returning in all variants to Gorilla Glass, keep prices high where they don’t want to play fan edition.

And that’s perhaps where all its meaning begins, because the idea of ​​​​these Galaxy S FE lies in bring the Galaxy S as close as possible to an audience that doesn’t want to spend so much moneyleaving some pricey specs behind – goodbye Gorilla Glass, hello glassy– and opting for incidentally offer everything that fans of the South Korean giant love: original Qualcomm hardware, OneUI experience with four years of support, etc…

Its appearance has always been turbulent, but the numbers support the existence of a “Fan Edition” with which Samsung has recovered the essence of a Galaxy S to the taste of fans.

The Samsung Galaxy ‘Fan Edition’ and the significance of the times: Does the Galaxy S21 FE make sense?

What’s the point of a Galaxy S22 FE, will it arrive or not?

The truth is that for me these fan edition I never had too much justification in the Samsung catalog, and that’s the Galaxy S family already has three models with which South Koreans could please the whole world.

In fact, if Samsung knows how its fans want Galaxy S phones, does itwhy not already launch the Galaxy S22 as fan editionwith its expandable memory, Snapdragon chipset and all that?

Anyway, the logic is that when the global situation and the supply crisis allow it, the Galaxy S22 FE makes its appearance, with a much more attractive price and plastic materials, a drop in photographic performance but all this spiced up by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipsetwhich is ultimately what all users of a Galaxy S22 would want.

That it doesn’t look like they can come backno matter how much we users keep asking, do microSD slot to expand storage and connector 3.5mm audio jack for headphones, two specifications that already seem to be a thing of the past even on smartphones fan edition.

The Galaxy S21 FE didn’t sell well, but the fan edition they have a future for now

The Galaxy S21 FE didn’t have time to succeed in the market, and the truth is that it is not now expected to improve too much this situation, because the Galaxy S22 will cannibalize sales even if they cost a little more.

In any case, Samsung knows that these terminals work if they arrive in an appropriate window, and indeed yes there is a place for what it would be ‘high-end mid-range’ above Galaxy A and Galaxy Moffering a smartphone halfway between mid-range and high-end, but with the features and power of any top-of-the-range on the market.

It’s almost like retrace the strategy of the Chinese giants with their flagship killersso yes, Samsung’s Galaxy S FE has a future in the industry and we can expect the Galaxy S22 to have its version fan edition.

Moreover, this strategy of the S21 FE would surely be maintained, offering the same appearance as the top of the range although integrated glassybut mounting panels Highest quality Dynamic AMOLED 2X and the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 that we Europeans are denied with the rest of the Galaxy S22. Otherwise, photographic benefits would be reduced and it would keep the same One UI experience, but at a more attractive price.

Without a doubt your success will be in timeagain, and in the possibility that Samsung is able to put it on the market before the summer or, at most, next to the Galaxy Z Fold4 and Flip4 at the end of August… We’ll see if this convulsive exercise (another one) allows it!

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