‘Red’ Director Prefers Less Common Pixar Films

It is very difficult to find a person who is not interested in movies and TV series, which are more or less not part of his hobbies. And there is one thing on which ordinary viewers, moviegoers, specialized critics and filmmakers indisputably agree: their love for the seventh art. We all like certain movies, and Pixar’s favorite for Domee Shi, the director of Reportis the one that is usually not chosen as such.

Analysts believe that toy story, the seminal three-dimensional animation feature directed by John Lasseter (1995) and the first of twenty-five to date, is the best from the studio based in the California town of Emeryville. For Rotten Tomatoes voters, it’s From, second to Dan Scanlon (2020); and those from IMDb and FilmAffinity point out Coconutby Lee Unkrich and Adrián Molina (2017), for this honor.

But while Lindsey Collins, the producer of Report whom we interviewed with Domee Shi for the recent premiere of the film, choose At the topby Pete Docter and Bob Peterson (2009), the Chinese-Canadian director opts for RatatouilleBrad Bird’s second for Pixar after The Incredibles (2004) before its sequel (2018), and the only one by Jan Pinkava (2007). He went out with removedthe hilarious short film by Gary Rydstrom (2006).

This triumph called ‘Ratatouille’, the Pixar film that enchants Domee Shi


The ideas of the Disney subsidiary animation studio for its works, more or less long, are generally quite striking, and this case does not disappoint in this regard. and the adventure of a street rat with culinary aspirationsPatton Oswalt’s Remy, who tastes and smells exquisite and ends up helping Alfredo Linguini, Lou Romano’s garbage collector, cook wonderful dishes at Domee Shi-loving Parisian restaurant Gusteau.

This concept for Ratatouille was developed by Jan Pinkava since 2000. But things weren’t going well, and Pixar wanted Bob Peterson as co-director in 2004, a maneuver that didn’t work out and, in 2005, Brad Bird was put in charge. . “What do all kitchens fear the most? rats. So imagine if you had one whose sole ambition was to become a master chef,” he said afterwards. “Something about bringing these polar opposites together really spoke to me. It seemed like a big challenge”.