Release date revealed on HBO Max

Batman continues to capture the spotlight in the entertainment world. Although Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson’s feature continues to hit theaters across much of the world, many are already waiting for its premiere on HBO Max. The platform has not yet officially announced the date, but an oversight in the service has revealed such important data in recent hours. According to the leak, Batman Coming to HBO Max April 17.

Since deadline They mention that the data is real. Therefore, within exactly one month, you will be able to see Batman from the comfort of your home. And for countries where HBO is still present, including Mexico and the United States, the film will air live on Saturday. April 23.

The news, however, is not too surprising, since Warner Bros. established that his films would reach HBO Max after meeting the 45 days of exclusivity with cinemas. Of course, this strategy will remain in place until the film industry can fully resume operations. In other words, when the pandemic will be a thing of the past.

Register in hbo-max and you will have access to the best exclusive series and films What Thread, The Sopranos Where Game Of Thrones. It includes the entire Warner catalog, Cartoon Network classics and big premieres like Matrix and dunes.

Now well, you should be careful with release date Batman on HBO Max. Do not question the information of deadline, but because the data may vary by territory. In Mexico, for example, some Warner films may not be available internationally. We don’t know if they will make an exception with Batman.

Gotham City’s New Vigilante has had an excellent reception both at the box office and by critics. In the first article, as of last weekend, it grossed $463.2 million worldwide. This figure places it as the second most successful feature film during the pandemic, only behind the unbeatable Spider-Man: No Coming Homefrom Marvel and Disney studios.

Of course, the numbers Batman will continue to grow as it continues to be shown in theaters. It should also not be forgotten that not released in china yet. Of course, Warner could face a problem in this region, since some cities have returned to quarantine after an “unexpected” outbreak of COVID-19.

“Our most optimistic assessment is that Warner Bros. Pictures will be lucky if Batman opens above $15.7 million in the Chinese market,” he said. The Hollywood Reporter James Li, analyst at Fanink; adding, “There are four top cities in China (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen), and these are the main markets where moviegoers tend to be the most pro-Hollywood, and half of them are currently closed.”

Regarding the reception of the specialized press, there is no doubt that the majority agrees that we are faced one of the best features of the hero of Gotham City, a situation that few expected. In fact, in the critics ranking, it ranks as the second highest rated film. The first place on the list always belongs to Batman: The Dark Knight (Black Knight) by Christopher Nolan.