Repairing your Pixel will be possible thanks to this program from Google and iFixit

Google has partnered with iFixit to improve pixel repairability. The technology emulates Samsung and announces that it will offer spare parts for its smartphones, from Pixel 2 to Pixel 6 Pro. If you have one of these terminals, it means that you can buy the spare parts in iFixit and repair the mobile yourself.

The program will be activated at the end of the year and foresees the sale of batteries, replacement screens, cameras and other components of the pixel. Parts will be sold separately or in iFixit Repair Kitswhich are packages that include the tools needed to disassemble the smartphone.

Google’s repairability program has also considers alliances with external suppliers, who will have access to tools, training, documentation and parts in the near future. Those in Mountain View have confirmed that this initiative will be available in all countries where Pixels are sold.

“Improving repairability is an important way to extend the life and usefulness of the phone,” said Ana Corrales, COO of Google’s Consumer Hardware division.

The tech company said its program will expand to other devices, starting with Chromebooks.