Review: Death’s Door | digital escapement

The gate of death received critical acclaim on other platforms earlier in the year, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a carefully crafted isometric action-adventure filled with engaging exploration, tense action, and a wonderful atmosphere. It is clearly inspired by The Legend of Zelda as you travel across an interconnected map, collect spells and weapons to help you progress through increasingly dangerous environments.

You play as a Reaper, a small character crow on his first quest to claim the soul of a mighty creature. Unfortunately, your inaugural quest doesn’t go as planned, and you’re taken under the wing of (pardon the pun) a grizzled old crow looking to open the mysterious door of death. It’s not a game with a lot of history, but it’s still filled with wacky and memorable characters.

The gate of death

It’s also quite tricky at times. Combat encounters require patience as you dodge incoming attacks and only seek to attack when you’re absolutely sure it’s safe. For starters, your poor crow can only take four hits before it goes down, which can lead to some fierce battles. Thankfully, Death’s Door’s difficulty curve seems decent, aside from a few sudden spikes later in the game. It generally does a solid job of gradually introducing different enemy types and mechanics without feeling unfair.

Precise controls, clever level design, and rewarding combat make Death’s Door a joy to play. It’s a ten-hour adventure that never fails to welcome, and its overall quality is clear. A refined, quirky and often stimulating title that delights from start to finish.