Roland Emmerich’s ‘ranking’: ‘Stargate’ or ‘Independence Day’?

If we think of disaster movies more modern, the one linked to Poseidon’s Adventure (1972) or the fiery colossus (1974), the only name that will come to mind is that of Roland Emmerich. And this despite the fact that the disasters of his films are far more disproportionate than those of most of his predecessors, whose stories take place in a specific place. nothing titanic (1997) or The impossible (2012); he prefers the slaughter of do not look (2021).

In any case, this German filmmaker is not considered particularly talented. Competent if all goes well to the maximum. But this circumstance does not prevent certain images or moments from some of his films remained in the memory of the spectators. New York in the Shadow of an Alien Ship independence Day and some actions of destroying buildings, for example, have not been forgotten by many of us.

Thus, the awards did not often want to knock on Roland Emmerich’s door. Of major festivals, only Berlin nominated for Golden Bear in its entirety 1997: The Beginning of Noah’s Ark and, for some incomprehensible reason, the public awarded him the one that corresponds to him for Godzilla. Fantasporto, on the other hand, decided to distinguish this last film, joey’s secret and star gateand the Razzies, the Anti-Oscars, weighed it also for independence Day, Godzilla and Independence Day: Counterattack.

20th century

The opinion of specialized critics on the work of Roland Emmerich

It’s him ranking films by Roland Emmerich according to the information consulted in terms of rotten tomatoes for reviews:

  1. independence Day (1996): mean score of 6.6 out of 10 in 77 reviews.
  2. The Patriot (2000): average of 6.1 in 137 reviews.
  3. Stargate, gate to the stars (1994): mean of 5.4 in 47 reviews.
  4. power attack (2013): average of 5.4 in 203 reviews.
  5. tomorrow (2004): average of 5.3 in 221 reviews.
  6. Half-way (2019): average of 5.2 in 169 reviews.
  7. 2012 (2009): average of 5.2 in 246 reviews.
  8. anonymous (2011): average of 5.1 in 177 reviews.
  9. moon fall (2022): average of 4.5 in 196 reviews.
  10. universal soldier (1992): mean of 4.4 in 34 reviews.
  11. Independence Day: Counterattack (2016): average of 4.3 in 230 reviews.
  12. Godzilla (1998): mean of 4 in 79 reviews.
  13. stone wall (2015): average of 3.6 in 77 reviews.
  14. 10,000 BC c. (2008): average of 3.4 in 151 reviews.
  15. moon station 44 (1990): mean of 3.2 in 5 reviews.

No data from 1997: The Beginning of Noah’s Ark (1984), joey’s secret (1985) and The secret of ghosts (1987).