Russian analogue of Apple Pay? How to Use SBPey on iPhone

This week, Russian media began to report on local banks’ plans to launch a new sbpay payment service. Many claim that this is a new service that replace Apple Pay with iPhone. In principle, this is only half true. After all, SBPey was available for use before, and while it can fill the role of a contactless service, it’s not quite the way we’re used to. However, for users from Russia, this will probably be the only alternative, so there isn’t much to choose from.


SBPey can really replace Apple Pay, even if it doesn’t quite work the way many people are used to


SBPey is a payment service developed by NSPK. Its name comes from the quick payment system, which is used to transfer money between banks using a phone number. However, the principle of operation of SBPey is to send a payment by scanning a QR code.

Differences between SBPey and Apple Pay


SBPey allows you to pay by QR codes without requiring NFC

This method has at least three significant advantages: compared to traditional contactless payment:

  • For work sbpay no nfc required. Therefore, it can be used even on the iPhone. The main thing is that there is an Internet connection and a working camera.
  • happy april 1st SBPey will be supported by all Russian banksconnected to the quick payment system. And that, for a moment, is a hundred banks.
  • SBPey works without plastic or virtual cards. The service consists of connecting a bank account from which the payment is debited.

In fact SBPey Service is not a new product. It has been available for Russian users for quite a long time, but not quite in the form it will be available in now. Until now pay with iPhone via QR was only possible from a banking application supporting the fast payment system. It is, in fact, everything is the same. But not really.


The SBPey application allows, first, to combine several banks in itself – just like Apple Pay. You just need to link the accounts of all your banks to the application, then pay for purchases from the account from which it is appropriate at the moment. It can be a credit or debit account. Second, with the help SBPey can pay as with QR codesas well as links on the Internet.

How to configure sbpay on iphone

  • Download the SBPey app on your iPhone;
  • Launch SBPey and go through authorization;

SBPey supports 60 banks, but from April 1 there will be many more. Sber, Tinkoff, Alfa, Raiffeisen and other banks will join the service

  • Find your bank in the list and select it;
  • Link your bank account and phone number.

At the time of publication March 31 at sbpay app only 60 Russian banks are available. It seems like a lot, but neither Sberbank, nor Tinkoff Bank, nor Alfa-Bank are on the list. However, as of April 1, connection to the service will become mandatory for everyone. So if you can’t now connect to SBP for lack of a bank, tomorrow this restriction will no longer be so.


After linking your account, you can pay via sbpay with iphone. In fact, these payments are already accepted almost everywhere and many stores offer discounts for paying by QR. The discount is usually small – usually 1% – but for me it’s better than nothing. And since the alternatives in the form Apple Pay is no longerthen SBPay becomes a real preferred payment option.

How to pay with sbpay

Pay by SBPey is possible in all stores connected to the Fast Payments System. Usually, confirmation of this is displayed at the checkout in the form of a special sticker or poster. I saw them in the “Rouge et Blanc” chain of stores. Therefore, all that is required of you is to warn of QR paymentlaunch the SBPey app, scan the code and confirm the payment.

When paying with SBPey, you can often get a 1% cash back

Of course, it takes a few more steps to make a payment with SBPey than when paying with Apple Pay. For example, to do this you need to run the application and then run QR code reader, scan it and confirm the transaction, not forgetting the fact that the smartphone must be connected to the Internet. But, as for me, carrying a wallet with a deck of cards is no better. And in the absence of fish, as they say, and cancer is a fish.


However, if SBPey Service will be popular, I have no doubt that in the foreseeable future NSPK developers will add support for payment without an internet connection. After all, they could do it for MirPayby enabling tokenization. The same in one form or another can be implemented here. There would be a desire.