Sales of Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series and Xbox One (April 2022 Update)

xbox x series

xbox x series

Xbox Series X/S: Sales and Market Share Update

Total console sales (updated April 2022): 18.8 million estimated

Release date: November 10, 2020

models available: Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S

As gamers know, Microsoft does not share official sales data. A custom or way of protecting certain data. However, through means such as VGChartz we can have a database of sales that the company may have currently, to the point of estimating that they exceed 18 million.

This is quite an impressive amount, especially considering that the company is going through some difficulties in bringing the units requested by the players. Although at the moment it will be necessary to wait a little longer to see a more than established normality and the company’s ability to maintain both the normal version and the digital-only version in the market, it seems that the path does not not bad at all.


Xbox One: Updated Sales and Market Share

Xbox One: Updated Sales and Market Share

Console Sales (April 2022 Update): approximately 50.52 million

Release date: November 22, 2013

models available: Xbox One S, Xbox One X

Like her younger sister, her exact sales data is extracted from media such as VGChartz, offer us estimated sales data. Despite the fact that the Xbox Series X/S is currently available in the market, many gamers continue to opt for the Xbox One, although its sales figures are decreasing over the months.

It remains one of the most popular consoles for gamers. A detail that can be enlarged due to the excellent Xbox Game Pass proposal. A wide collection of games that we can enjoy both classic and recent releases. And the best thing is to know that it will be compatible even with the games that come out for the new generation, so the useful life of this generation still has a lot of promise.


Nintendo Switch: Sales and Market Share Update

Nintendo Switch: Sales and Market Share Update

Total console sales (updated April 2022): around 106.4 million

Release date: March 3, 2017

models available: Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite and Nintendo Switch OLED

They already have more than five years have passed since the launch Nintendo Switch and still has some great surprises to offer. After all, the company does not miss the opportunity to make interesting proposals and ensure that all players find the best option for themselves. In this way, we have different Nintendo Switch models that match the style that each player prefers and even a new model on the way that is Nintendo Switch OLED.

Now we know the Nintendo Switch managed to sell 106.4 million consoles since its launch. An important figure that far exceeds other previous consoles such as the Wii U which only sold 13.56 million or the Nintendo 3DS which amounts to 75.94 million.

Recently succeeded in breaking the Wii sales record, with 101.63 million units sold. One of the most successful consoles of the company and which in its time was a pleasant surprise for all gamers. Even more when we remember some of the great titles he presented to us, such as Mario Kart Wii.


PlayStation 4: Updated Sales and Market Share

PlayStation 4: Updated Sales and Market Share

Total console sales (updated April 2022): 116.7 million approx.

Release date: November 29, 2013 (Europe)

models available: PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro

Sony’s console remains a complete success no matter how long it takes. After all, the company has shown us that its console still has a lot of potential, a clear example of that. comes from The Last of Us 2a work that remains a constant surprise when you look at the details and even how the team has worked to develop each detail.

Currently, the console continues to share exclusives and releases with PlayStation 5, such as the recent Horizon Forbidden West and the next god of war ragnarok. After all, Sony’s next-gen console is still unable to launch smoothly due to supply issues. What’s clear is that the company still isn’t ready to move on from its previous console, so it still has some interesting releases on the way.

In addition to the exclusive titles, we should also highlight the recent announcement of PS Plus redesign, which will become a service similar to Microsoft’s Game Pass. Users of this service will have access to a large catalog of titles that have passed through the old Sony consoles, in addition to the current ones.



PlayStation 5: Updated Sales and Market Share

Total console sales (updated April 2022): 18.7 million approx.

Release date: November 12, 2020

models available: Digital PS5

The new Sony console is one of the big surprises of this generation thanks to its order Double meaning and even the lack of loading time. The next-gen console ensures gamers can feel what the gaming experience holds in their own hands. Of course, you have to keep in mind that even though the company is currently looking for solutions, the stock is quite limited.

It’s a struggle Microsoft and Sony face and even Nintendo has had to overcome in its own way. For him, the new generation had an atypical first which has been hampered by the presence of the pandemic, the microchip crisis and more recently the war in Ukraine, with all its economic consequences.

The 10 best-selling consoles in history so far

The world of video games offers us all kinds of experiences, but we all fondly remember that first console that allowed us to live great adventures or even the first game that held us for hours. watch the screen. But, as with everything in life, there are always some consoles that stand out more than others for their unique features.

What are the consoles have sold the most throughout history? A recent study showed an incredible spike on consoles. And having, among the top ten, clear winners from Nintendo and Sony corporations, even if Microsoft’s Xbox 360 manages to squeeze into that impressive top with incredible sales.

Top 10 best-selling consoles

Playstation 2 – 157.68 million

nintendo-ds- 154.9 million

game boy – 118.69 million

PlayStation 4 – 116.7 million

Light switch – 106.4 million

PlayStation- 102.5 million

Wii – 101.64 million

Playstation 3 – 87.41 million

Xbox 360 – 85.8 million

GameBoy Advance – 81.51 million