Sellers call for boycott of commission hikes

Etsyone of the most popular e-commerce platforms today, is facing a massive boycott starting today. And it is that the recent increase in sales commissions has caused great dissatisfaction among thousands of sellers. Although they tried to get attention in a less “aggressive” way, Etsy didn’t listen to them, which is why they called for a strike that not only involves them, but the buyers as well.

The edge declares that the boycott begins today, April 11, and will last until the 18 of the same month. During this period, sellers wishing to participate must pause the operation of its stores using “holiday mode”. Currently, they have the support of around 15,000 suppliers, who signed up in just one week. It is expected that in the following days the figure will continue to grow.

Today, in any e-commerce platform, buyers still play a vital role. For this reason, sellers encourage them to failing to make purchases through Etsy within the specified time frame. The above, of course, would benefit the cause, but at the same time, it would hurt stores that are not interested in participating in the strike.

Etsy has been dragging several issues for a long time

The scandal Etsy faces today originated on February 24, when the company announced that the fourth quarter of 2021 was the most successful in its history in terms of revenue. However, Josh Silverman, CEO of the platform, took advantage of the financial report to announce that sales commissions would increase by 30%. That is to say, from 5% will increase to 6.5% from April 11.

Kristy Cassidy, which owned one of the platform’s most popular stores and is now leading the boycott, says Etsy has made a number of decisions that have been hurting sellers for a long time. Some of them since Silverman became the new manager in 2017.