Should I sell my iPhone now?

Our Telegram chat is again filled to the brim with your messages, and Saturday went unnoticed – it seems like it’s time to enjoy the next issue of “Questions answered”. Among the reports that Apple finally deprived Russians of contactless payment, there are also questions related to the future of Apple smartphones in Russia. If everything is more or less clear with the purchase of an iPhone, there are questions with the sale of your own smartphone. Indeed, in light of the latest system limitations, does it make sense to get rid of the iPhone? Maybe the company will continue to restrict iPhone in Russia go further to the transformation of smartphones into bricks? Let’s try to understand this problem.

Should I sell my iPhone now?

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Can Apple lock iPhone

What do you think, should I sell the iPhone now or wait until it turns into a brick numberer?

A month ago we couldn’t even think that Apple to suspend equipment supply to Russia: because of this, we are unlikely to see the new iPhone SE 3, which we usually don’t really want to see, the new iPad Air 5 (don’t worry either), well, and a few other gimmicks from the most boring spring presentation. But a month later, it became clear that the company had enough means to obtain remote access to iphone.

Barely Apple will deactivate the iPhone directly that the smartphone will turn into a brick – for my life I do not believe. But the company is doing its best to restrict access to its ecosystem: payments in the App Store do not pass, subscriptions to services are not payable. It seems to me that in the worst case, the “unfriendly” authorities will force Tim Cook’s business to light up iPhone Activation Lockto annoy owners of brand new iPhones or iPads. Last resort, in Russia will disable access to the App Store and their services, but they all have a replacement. Remember the phrase of old people: you can call – nothing else is needed!

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Of course, we will not reach this point: the browser, Internet and everything else will work, but Unable to download apps on iPhone or games. Well, or all hope for a jailbreak, which they say is still alive. In general, being a cautious person, I advised all my friends to quickly sell old iphone for two reasons: first, while the price of used iPhones has risen (we’ve talked about that elsewhere), and second, until Apple really takes extreme measures. So if there’s a desire sell iphone for more – Don’t procrastinate. Smartphone prices have been rising over the past month, but the price has already slowly started to come down.

What to do with iPhone in Russia

Guys, and if the iPhone is ok, what are you going to do with it?))

One of our readers suggests thinking, what to do with iphone if apple turns it off. Let’s first try to guess what will happen to him. I see two scenarios here (correct in the comments if you disagree): the first is an iPhone not turning on at all, then the “apple” not charging, and the second is iPhone without services, without a network connection. In this case, the device will continue to work, and craftsmen will probably figure out how to unlock it (and earn money on it). In short, in this situation, your iPhone will simply turn into an iPod or iPad without a SIM card – you can also use it, but only via Wi-Fi.

Even If iPhones Are Disabled, Crafters Will Find Ways To Resurrect Them

All the apps will remain, but the iPhone will have to be shelved until better times and get another smartphone if you need cell service. I think it will be possible to use the conditional telegram or WhatsApp, as well as a browser and other applications. This the best of the worst scenarios. But it seems to me that Apple will not launch under any circumstances, otherwise returning to our market (and it will happen one day, believe me) will turn into a nightmare for the company – no one wants to trust a manufacturer who, under pressure from the authorities, treats its users from another country so unkindly. Now Apple puts a spoke in the wheels of Russian users who do not live well and does not introduce too serious restrictions or deliberately leave loopholes to circumvent the prohibitions.

Поблизости обнаружена вещь или неизвестный аксессуар. Что делать?

Remember when a company wanted to bring baby photo scanning into iCloud, but public pressure didn’t delay implementing algorithms? And what about the numerous attempts by US authorities to recover data from criminals’ smartphones? It is clear that now the situation is much more serious, but I think that the company will not take extreme measures, but will limit itself to small restrictions, which won’t brick the iPhone.

Friends, whatever restrictions are introduced, we always keep in touch in our Telegram chat: write to us about your problems, ask questions and share your thoughts on what’s going on – we’re always happy to see you!