Should you buy an iPhone X in 2022?

April started exactly on Friday – there’s no reason not to appreciate that fact, and also not to look in our traditional “Questions Answered” section. I remind you that there we give weekly advice to readers of our Telegram chat and help to understand the problems related to Apple technology. This week, let’s talk about the good: iPhone prices are dropping steadily: dealers, however, indicated that the current stocks of devices will last 2-3 months, but this does not prevent them from selling them at pleasant prices before the crisis. For example, the iPhone 11 is already on sale at the same price as in September. Used iPhones are also getting cheaper: today we’ll find out Should I buy an iPhone X in 2022?.

Should I buy an iPhone X in 2022? Here are all the pros and cons

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Which cheap iPhone to buy

Should I take the iPhone X, guys?
For 25,000 they sell 64 GB
The entire original kit remained intact
And so, Akkum 73%
Good condition, no scratches on the screen
Now I’m on 6s

Just a month ago we wrote about buying a used smartphone, studied different options and analyzed prices. During this time, a lot has changed: for example, the price of iPhone 11 for 64 GB has already returned to the autumn level – I bought my mother such a smartphone for 50 thousand. That’s what what is it worth now. True, at the moment the discounts are due to the fact that demand has fallen and dealers are selling the rest of the warehouses.

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Reports have already appeared in the media this week that iPhone stocks will stand for 2-3 months, and then, apparently, without them. So if you want buy iphone cheapdo it now and do not delay. The problem is different: is it really worth buying in the current situation? Still, there is an option to stick with an “expensive calculator”. But it’s up to you to decide.

However, let’s see what the iPhone X offers us at the moment.

  • A11 Bionic processor;
  • 5.8 inch display;
  • 3 GB of RAM;
  • 64 or 256 GB of storage;
  • 7 MP front camera, 12 MP main camera;
  • 2716mAh battery;

iPhone X supports iOS 15 and will most likely get iOS 16 and even iOS 17, given that even the iPhone 7 is still getting updates. The screen isn’t quite as big – smaller than the iPhone 11, but bigger than the iPhone 13 mini. Overall of all the qualities of the iPhone X, it is much better than the 6S our reader is using. But is it worth it or is it better to look for less?

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How much does a used iPhone X cost?

“Ten” is too expensive for dealers, even if used

I think that, at the moment, focusing on the price when buying a used vehicle is not worth the offers from the officials. Currently, Svyaznoy offers the same model for 31,000, which is extremely expensive. To do this, it is better to immediately go to Avito: prices for the same model start in the region of 22-23 thousand rubles, so our readers are right to find cheaper. In addition, the potential purchase of our player has a frankly “tired” battery – only 73%. Replacement will cost about 2000 rubles, so you can safely try to negotiate this amount.

What to buy instead of iPhone X

Also keep in mind that for the price of the iPhone X you can buy a newer 2020 iPhone SE – it has a more modern A13 Bionic inside, but an outdated screen and weak battery. We have already talked about the experience of using SE 2020 in our hardware. A more acceptable option is the iPhone XR, which surpasses the iPhone X in terms of features. for the same 25,000 you can find a good option for 128 GB. Remember, we are talking about used models. Therefore, I recommend that you study other offers, but if you plan to buy the iPhone X, try to bargain at the level of 22-23 thousand rubles.

SE 2020 is better than iPhone X in performance

By the way, for the same 25,000 rubles you can find the iPhone XS. If you are willing to spend a little more, you can buy the iPhone XS Max. I managed to find an advertisement for a 64 GB model: the seller noted that the smartphone was in good condition, only the battery had been replaced. Be sure to consider this purchase.

iPhone XS Max option is much more preferable than iPhone X

In summary, I would like to say that the iPhone X is a good option for the next 1-2 years, but instead you can look at more modern counterparts for the same price or slightly more expensive. I know several people who have been using it for years and still have no problems. But, again, you shouldn’t pay too much for it: especially when it comes to a model with 64 GB of memory.

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