Siri is now able to control Roomba robot vacuums

iRobot will be compatible with Siri, being able to expand its options and use your vacuum robot in a much more comfortable way.

Having a smart vacuum cleaner is something, fortunately very affordable. The pioneering brand of robot vacuum cleaners, IRobot, mother of the famous Roomba robots, has announced that it is working on updating the iRobot Genius 4.0 Home Intelligence software so that it can be used with Siri. That is, if you are using an iPhone or iPad+You can give voice commands for robots to perform immediately. There is no doubt that this is a good improvement that will help you use these accessories in a much more comfortable way.

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New improvements that will make your experience something different

According to Keith Hartsfield, product manager at iRobot, “The magic of iRobot Genius is that our robots get smarter over time, continually giving customers new ways to clean where, when and how they want. From the day a customer welcomes a Roomba robot vacuum or a Braava mop at home, they know they will always benefit from new features and functionality. They also get a robot that works harder for them.”

What will this update make possible?

  • Clean the parts you want: we don’t always need to clean the whole house, but specific rooms. Now make it possible in a much more comfortable way.
  • Clean each room to your liking: you already know that it is not the same thing that the robot passes in the living room than in the kitchen. In the latter case, it will have to be used more thoroughly, so you can command the robot to be more insistent on this type of floor.
  • Tell Siri to send Roomba to clean: you can build your own personalized phrases and thus you will tell Siri that your robot must clean the bathroom or the children’s room. With these voice commands, all you need to do is speak to your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Mac and the command will be executed.
  • Avoid accidental starts: extremely useful in case there are young children or pets in your home. The function is to disable the physical button labeled Clean , preventing the device from booting up when pressed.
  • Do Not Disturb feature: Thanks to this possibility, the user can configure the robot so that it does not activate at certain times. If you are one of those people who like to take a nap or if you do not want the vacuum cleaner to activate at night, this function will leave it completely inactive.
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We will have to wait until June of this year to The robot vacuum cleaner is finally compatible with Siri. If the experience of using this type of accessory is already wonderful and prevents you from working more than necessary, when Siri is able to control it, you will have an improved sensation.

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