Sleeping with light, no matter how small, is bad for your health

we already know that sleep with light can change the heart rhythms, affecting both our sleep and our health. It is believed that, for example, it may be related to the appearance of certain types of Cancer. Today, thanks to a study that has just been published in PNASwe also know how it can influence the development of diabetes and cardiovascular disorders.

The study in question, conducted by scientists from the Northwestern Universityanalyzes the causes that lead to these health problems and, in addition, provides tips to prevent this from happening. All this without forgetting to explain the reasons why these imbalances occur.

And it is that, in general, our body prepares us to be alert during the day and rest and reset us overnight. But if the brain detects the entry of light, it can interpret that it is day when it is not. This is where the light pollution problems begin. Its consequences on the observation of the sky are increasingly known, but making known the problems it causes to fauna, flora or even to ourselves remains a challenge. Now we have one more piece of information to try to raise awareness.

Can we sleep with light?

We have all heard the typical conversation between those who need absolute darkness for sleeping and those who claim to be able to do it even under the front door of the Seville April Fair.

It’s true, sleeping with the light on isn’t a problem for everyone. In fact, there are even people who need to be there a lamp to fall asleep. The problem is that, even if we perceive that it is not a problem for our rest, the lighting can still harm us.