Small print on the phone, eyes get tired quickly. How to make the font and image bigger, and how to set your phone to not spoil your view

Smartphone and eyestrain

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Tell me how to enlarge the font on the screen of the smartphone (Model: Galaxy M31). Everything is fine with me, and when you read a text of it, your eyes get tired quickly and start to hurt. I had another phone (B&Q Blade) and everything was fine on it, but I had to change it (broken).

Maybe it’s also that I’m not used to the screen: they are slightly different in size and the new one “shines”?

Thank you in advance.


first of all, please note right away that I do not have a medical education, and about the eyes (if they bother) – consult a doctor. I will only give recommendations of the technique. hand to configure the phone.

SecondlyI didn’t quite understand your word “reflective” (it’s just that your screen is faulty, so your eyes get tired?).

Thirdlyif you sum up the statistics, the problem most often looks like this: many users do not adjust the font size and scaling on the new smartphone ⇒ they start reading something intensely on the screen ⇒ because of the default font (and it’s often very small) we quickly tire our eyes… (and even if it’s also in the dark… the problem is double).

Here are some suggestions (where to start…).


The content of the article

What can be advised so that the eyes are not so tired from the phone

Increase font size, change scale


To get started, take a look at the two screenshots below. 👇

You can see that by default the font on the phone screen is quite small. No, if you need to read something only once in 1 minute. – there is no difference, but if you write (read) such a text for 20-30 minutes. (and more) – the eyes can get tired quickly.

📌Therefore, in my opinion, the default font size should be changed to make it as big as possible. Allow you to better fit less text on the screen, but you can read it without stress and without bringing the phone closer to your eyes. 👌

Viber - how font size changed!

Viber – how font size changed!

<a href=Another example is the settings menu” width=”800″ height=”842″ srcset=”×842.png 800w,×808.png 768w, 842w” sizes=”(max-width: 800px) 100vw, 800px” />

Another example is the settings menu


📌 How to change font and zoom

It is enough to open the settings of the smartphone and go to the section “To display” (this is on Android 9/10). If you have an older version of Android – see the section “Devices/Screen.

This section should have options:

  • “Font size” (or “Font size and style”);
  • “Screen scaling”. See example below. 👇
Display - font size, scaling

Display – font size, scaling

I recommend increasing the font size to a comfortable level for your eyes (if necessary and possible, specify a different font + make it “bold”). See screenshot below. 👇

Font size

Font size

If you set the font size to maximum, but it’s still “small”, try adjusting it as well scaling (however, if this slider is strongly twisted, it can cause “problems” in some applications…).



📌 Also, pay attention to the settings of a particular app. For example, the Telegram messenger has its own options for adjusting the text size in chats (and installing new system fonts cannot change the situation in any way)

Telegram - setting text size for messages

Telegram – setting text size for messages


Lower screen brightness (especially in the dark)

The second moment for which would like to draw attention: many people read something on the phone screen in complete darkness (for example, before going to bed). Also, the phone screen is set to 60-80% brightness and the font is small (as in the examples above)! And I must tell you that in such a combination of circumstances, the eyes get tired very quickly (until the onset of headaches and insomnia)!


What can be advised here:

  1. try not to work with the phone for a long time in the dark (banal, but …). Or transfer some of the tasks from phone to computer;
  2. to install Character font larger (see above);
  3. refuse screen brightness (the worse the lighting in the room, the lower the brightness of the screen should be); 👇
  4. light up blue color filter and styles mitigation 👇(many modern smartphones have this option! If you don’t have it, check this note);
  5. light up Dark theme (see the next step of the article).


📌 To help!

How to adjust the brightness of the phone screen so that your eyes do not get tired in the dark (night mode, blue filter, etc.) What to do if the brightness is not adjustable [Android].

Settings - display - brightness (adaptive)

Settings – display – brightness (adaptive)

Shading mode

Shading mode


Enable dark theme (or reduce white/blue shades)

When using a dark theme, the phone screen glows less (the same blue spectrum decreases), which does not strain your eyes so much (especially when using the phone at night). Also a very good measure to reduce eye strain. (but not when reading text on a dark phone screen for 20 minutes and then looking at a bright monitor…).

Generally, to enable night mode on your phone, just open the section “Display screen” and move the cursor to the desired position. Then it is also recommended to download one of the dark themes to change the look of your home screen. 👇

📌 To help!

How to activate dark mode (theme, design) on an Android phone.

Settings - display - dark mode // Android 10.0

Settings – display – dark mode // Android 10.0

Choose a dark theme (Samsung)

Choose a dark theme (Samsung)


Buy a big screen phone

If you have a relatively inexpensive smartphone (or if the device is already quite old), please note that newer models may have an order of magnitude larger screen:

  • first of allthe size itself: even if it’s only 1.5 inches taller, it’s a lot, and it can seriously relieve eyestrain!
  • Secondlymatrix quality and screen coverage (TN, IPS, etc.);
  • the thirdits resolution and scan rate (of course, the higher the resolution and scan, the clearer and smoother the screen image).

See the screenshot below: the second device outperforms the first by an order of magnitude. It will be easier on the eyes… 👌

Comparison of phone screens

Comparison of phone screens


Reduce time spent on the phone

  1. 👉 some applications and games can be installed on a computer: for example, games, Telegram messengers, Viber, Skype, etc. It is much more convenient to read a message on a large screen, and it is faster to type a response on the keyboard (to help: how to run Android games and applications on a PC // for those who do not have analogues on a PC);
  2. 👉 if you like to read books and documents from your smartphone screen, you can buy an e-book from him (Remark: in modern email. books use display stands e-ink, which are very similar to plain paper, thanks to which the eyes are much less tired when reading than from an LCD screen! Well, their size and weight won’t hurt for long trips…).
    ONYX BOOX Kon-Tiki 2 e-book. The screen is almost perfect.  paper

    ONYX BOOX Kon-Tiki 2 e-book. The screen is almost perfect. paper

  3. 👉 some articles, links, documents – you can 📌 transfer to your computer and download from it, and see them.


That’s all for today… Additions on the subject are welcome!

Good luck!


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