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Some users are warning that the “Recents” button that appears on hashtags is disappearing from Instagram.

Instagram has managed to establish itself among the social networks most used by users. From Meta they are aware of it, and for this very reason they regularly release updates and new features to improve the performance of your application for mobile devices. However, users they don’t always end up being satisfied with the changes made.

Specifically, recently some users have noticed how the “Recents” sectionwhich until now was available to show all posts when querying a certain hashtag, completely disappeared from the app for iOS. This way there is only the option to explore the most popular posts or the coils that have been published.

Instagram silently removes ‘Recents’ tab from hashtags

As mentioned, some Instagram users recently complained after discovering that when searching for a certain hashtag, the application did not allow them to see all the posts. After the pressure, from the social network they have posted a tweet in which they explain that this is a new change that they are testing with a small number of users.

Until now, by accessing Instagram from its iPhone application and searching for a certain hashtag, they were displayed three different tabs: ‘Featured’, ‘Recent’ and ‘Reels’. While the former only showed the most popular posts with the hashtag in the caption, the latter allowed view all uploaded photos and videos in chronological order and archived in said hashtag. This way it was easier for users to find accounts without too many followers.

With the change that Instagram is testing, ‘Recents’ section completely disappears when searching for a hashtag in the app. This way, when accessing, only the most popular posts can be viewed in the “Featured” section, which are based on users’ likes and the AI ​​filters used by Meta; or the videos coils which, again, are organized according to what may be of interest to a greater or lesser extent to Instagram users.

Instagram removes Recent section from hashtags

The “Recents” section of hashtags has been removed from Instagram for some users. Source: Instagram Communications

As indicated by Instagram, at the moment the removal of this section in the hashtags only affects a test that affects a small number of users. Along with this test, other users are also seeing how it is now possible to share hashtags via Directjust like messages or stories.

How to Put Instagram Feed in Chronological Order

In this way it seems that the Meta team is increasingly worried about hashtags. The fact that it makes it easy to find new Instagram Reels videos probably had some influence on that. In recent months we have seen changes in this regard, and everything indicates that will continue to work on them for a long time.

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