Some PS3 and PS Vita games can’t be played and no one knows why

Although the digital format has become the preferred format for gamers and businesses, there are some things that show just how fragile it can be. This is confirmed by a new report from The edgewhere it is stated that some classic games have become unusable on PS3 and PS Vita for currently unknown reasons.

The problem facing owners of these PS3 and PS Vita games is that consoles now show them as “expired”. This, of course, does not allow users to access it. In addition, the assumed expiration date indicates the December 31, 1969 at 7:20 PM. A date which, in addition to corresponding to more than half a century ago, makes no sense.

According to Twitter user FooseTV, the problem occurred after a new download Chrono-Cross Yes the trigger of a stopwatch on your consoles. Here he explains that it “prevents you from playing” purchased Vita and PS3 copies of both games.

Did @PlayStation expire the PSOne Classics versions of #ChronoCross and #ChronoTrigger by setting the date for new downloads to 12/31/1969? It prevents me from playing my purchased copies on Vita and PS3.

@FooseTV on Twitter

Which PS3 and PS Vita games were affected?

The titles affected so far are Chrono-Cross, the trigger of a stopwatch Yes Final Fantasy VI. However, some other sites like GamesHub, Reddit or Twitter confirm that these three games are not the only ones that cannot start on PS3 and PS Vita. In reality, the list is growing and includes more classics What Rune Factory Oceans, Super Street Fighter VI: Arcade Edition, Gex: Enter the Gecko. Although others announce that their entire library has been affected.

Among the many attempted solutions that users have tried, we have the unsubscribing and subsequent subscription to PS Plus; restore game licenses and factory reset your consoles. However, none of that workedit will therefore be necessary for the PlayStation itself to manage the situation.

Although initially believed to be a Square Enix bug, it appears to have come directly from PlayStation. However, the latter did not comment on itso for now users will have to keep waiting for a possible solution.

According to Kotaku, there might be a problem with the PlayStation servers. The aforementioned outlet comments that the problem could be with the PS3 and PS Vita consoles will attempt to bring license expiration dates back to Unix time. The latter is an arbitrary time and date set by developers to denote the start of a console’s life.

Success served as an alarm for many users. After all, it was only a few months ago that Sony nearly gave the PS3 and PS Vita virtual stores the final blow. After almost closing them in the middle of last year; the company reconsidered its actions, although it eliminated the ability to use credit cards or PayPal to make purchases within it.