Some users complain about battery issues in iOS 15.4

If you are having battery issues in iOS 15.4, rest assured that they have a solution.

For a few days we already have iOS 15.4 available, the last major system update which contains new features for our iPhones, including the possibility of unlocking the iPhone with Face ID and a mask without the need for Apple Watch. or 37 new emojis available. However, there is many users on social media are complaining about serious battery issues after updating to iOS 15.4something that usually happens after every iOS update.

In reality, This is not the first time this has happened and there is an explanation.. After the official arrival of iOS 15, many users also complained, then it was shown that iOS 15 even improved the battery life of the iPhone.

iOS 15.4 may cause battery issues, but they’re temporary

With every major software update, we come across similar complaints, but these usually don’t persist over time. It is true that iOS 15.4 can cause battery problems, but the most normal thing is that these they will be resolved after a few hours as soon as it is installed.

iOS 15

iOS 15.4 arrives loaded with improvements

Installing a new operating system on an iPhone activates many things in the background, from battery recalibration indexingand this process can continue for hours or even days.

This not only consumes power, battery recalibration can give us the impression that the battery is draining faster when in fact it is not. And to all this, we must add that after the release of a new version of iOS, there are many application updates.

All this does within a day or days of an iOS update The iPhone battery lasts a little less than usual. It’s not that Apple does it on purpose, it’s processes that have to happen and will only last for a while. The most normal thing is that after a day or two, your battery lasts as much as before. You just need to have a little patience.

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So if you just updated your iPhone to iOS 15.4 and you notice that the hair salon is shorter, wait a few days for the system to finish doing everything it needs to do in the background to solve these types of battery problems. It is even advisable to leave it charging for long periods of time, such as overnight, so that these processes are carried out more quickly.

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