Sony Black Friday is offering a discount for PS4 games on disc

For those who enjoy playing games and collecting physical media, Sony has launched a specific black for this format on PS4. games like Spider-Man, Uncharted and the Last of Us Part 2 they’re cheaper, and they also work on the PS5 which contains the Blu-Ray drive, which is worth remembering.

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Spider-Man takes part in Black Friday PS4 (Image: Sony/Disclosure)

Don’t confuse this promotion with PSN’s Black Friday, which is already underway and has other offers, and also brings games compatible with the PS5 without a Blu-ray player.

This time the games are offered through Sony’s partner stores, official resellers, and include some of the older console’s greatest hits.

Spider Man , for example, is the Game of the Year edition, which contains all the extras, for. R$ 99. Recently The Last of Us Part 2 and Ghost of Tsushima they cost R$149 and R$179 respectively.

Another important detail to remember is that several of these games are available for free on the PS5, through the PS Plus Collection, for those who are PlayStation Plus subscribers. See a list here.

black friday ps4

Check out all of Sony’s physical media offerings:

  • the last of us part 2 : R$149.00 (before R$279.00)
  • ghost of tsushima R$179.00 (before R$279.00)
  • Eternal destiny : R$99.00 (before $199.00)
  • NIOH 2 : R$99 99.00 (before $159.00)
  • DEATH FALLS R$72.99 (Before R$159.00)
  • Gone days > R$ 59.00 (before R$ 169.00)
  • Spider-Man Game of the Year Edition : R$99.00 (before $169.00)
  • dreams > : R$99.00 (before R$159.00)
  • Concrete Engineering R$70.63 (formerly R$119.00)
  • medieval : R$69.99 (before R$119.00)
  • gods of war > R$49.00 (before R$79.00)
  • GRAND SPORTS TOURISM : R$49.00 (before R$79.00)
  • Uncharted: The Lost Legacy R$49.00 (Before R$79.00)
  • Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition at >: R$49.00 (was R$79.00)
  • NIOH : R$49.00 (before R$79.00)
  • god of war climbed : R$49.00 (before $79.00)
  • Uncharted 4: Thief’s End R$49.00 (before R$79.00)
  • bloodborne : R$49.00 (before R$79.00)
  • the last of us remastered > R$49.00 (before $79.00)
  • Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection > R$ 49.00 (before R$ 79.00) li>
  • Ratchet Clank R$49.00 (before R$79.00)
  • Until dawn R$49.00 (before R$79.00)
  • infamous second son > R$49.00 (before R$79.00)

collaborator: Felipe Ventura.

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