Sony Xperia Play 2, the real gaming smartphone that you won’t have

Do you remember the Sony Xperia Play? Would you like to see a gaming smartphone similar? You probably remember – or not – the Sony Xperia Play as one of the the strangest mobiles of a few years ago. This device was launched by Sony and had everything it needed to become the mobile gaming of the day. It has run the most powerful games and has been specially designed to play. We’re not talking about RGB or fans like today’s smartphones, but a full gamepad inside. now him Sony Xperia Play 2 makes its appearance.

It’s the Sony Xperia Play 2 that you won’t see on the market

sony xperia play 2

A few years later, photographs of the Sony Xperia Play 2 appeared on the Internet. They were taken by a member of XDA and represent what would have been the second generation of this spectacular and curious device.

The idea is the same as the one obtained by the Sony Xperia Play at the time, but with some improvements in the controls and more options. Yes, this mobile had a sliding screen that revealed a full gamepad with buttons and joysticks for playing.

Back then it wasn’t very popular, but we’re sure now it could be different. The gaming mobiles They have been a hit in the market for quite some time, so one of these styles could be what many users are looking for.

The bad news is that this Sony Xperia Play 2 was not disclosed as an upcoming device. It’s a prototype that had been stored in a drawer for some time and this has now been discovered. This shows that Sony had a second generation up its sleeve that it decided never to bring to the market.

Will we see a Sony Xperia Play 2 or a similar smartphone with current hardware? Most likely, this will not happen on Sony’s part, but it may be that other companies dare to launch something similar. There is nothing official and only time will confirm if we will see a gaming smartphone of this type again.

What do you think of him Sony Xperia Play 2 design? Do you want to see such a terminal today?