Sony’s purchase of Bungie is now under the scrutiny of regulators

The FTC (United States Federal Trade Commission), which, among its various tasks, must inspect business acquisitions, now he has his sights set on Sony’s takeover of Bungie, which was agreed for $3.6 billion. According to a report by Informationthe organism opened an investigation to ensure that said movement complies with all regulations.

Even though Bungie acquisition unlikely to collapse Due to a regulatory issue, there is growing evidence that the FTC is scrutinizing tech companies. In recent years, and due to the great power accumulated by companies such as Apple, Google, Facebook and Microsoft, to name a few, the United States government has devoted more efforts to curb the actions which, in his opinion, endanger free competition.

However, Sony’s takeover of Bungie We are far from the magnitude of the agreement between Microsoft and Activision, which is also under investigation by the FTC. Those of Redmond are in the process of taking control of one of the largest game publishers in the world. All for $68.7 billion, making it the biggest acquisition in video game history. This, in addition, will allow Microsoft to become the third giant in the sector – behind Sony and Nintendo.

Bungie and Sony have already moved the tab

Bungie and Sony surely anticipated an intervention from the FTC and prepared for it from the start. When they announced the purchase, they clarified that Bungie will remain an independent company. Not only creatively, but also operationally. This will allow them to continue publishing their own games. In fact, Bungie will not be part of PlayStation Studios, although they may get involved in advice and support matters given their huge experience in “Games as a Service” – which is the main reason for which they were acquired.

On the other hand, Bungie and Sony have confirmed that Fate, as well as future games from the studio, will continue to be cross-platform. In other words: they won’t be exclusive to PlayStation consoles.

“Bungie’s success in cross-platform publishing and games as a service will help us achieve our ambitions to take PlayStation beyond the console and expand our potential audience. They will remain independent and cross-platform, taking advantage of the creative freedom and their track record of developing successful franchises in the sci-fi shooter genre will greatly complement Sony Interactive Entertainment’s IP portfolio.”


It’s the same path that Microsoft followed with Call of Duty . The popular First person shooter Activision, once managed by Redmond, will continue to see the light of day on Sony consoles. Beyond being a decision not to fragment a community of millions of gamers, it also aims to look good with the FTC.