Spectacular new trailer for Paramount+’s live-action series

There are only ten days left for the official premiere of Halothe new series live action based on the popular video game franchise from Xbox. This will be when we can finally see Pablo Schreiber take on the role of Master Chief, the protagonist of Microsoft titles, and give him his own personality within the Showtime and 343 Industries television series. However, from now on you can take another look at it, since they released a new trailer.

The new trailer for Halo come loaded with action, drama, incredible special effects and lots of emotions. The official Twitter account of the series took care of posting it. The video has a duration of two minutes and eleven secondsduring which we will not have a moment to breathe.

From the start of the trailer, we can see nods to scenes from the video game saga. From scenarios to camera movements; Paramount+ seems to have done great job adapting the iconic video game franchise to the small screen. Pablo Schreiber, meanwhile, brings an impressive Master Chief to life, and we can’t wait to see him in all his glory.

Series live action from Halo the next one opens March 24. Of course, since this is an original Paramount+ series, we can only find it in this service.