Spotify finally warns against its content related to COVID-19

From now on, Spotify posts warnings on all COVID-19 related content that appears on its platform. Service diffusion It took all the time in the world to implement this long-awaited feature, but it finally answered the claims stemming mainly from the multiple controversies on the Joe Rogan podcast.

This option had been promised by Spotify after triggering strong criticism from various artists, who accused the Swedish company of spreading false or misleading information about the coronavirus pandemic and vaccines. Thus, users will begin to see a small sign in blue which will notify them when the content they are browsing is related to the coronavirus.

What is really striking is that the alerts began to appear at a time when COVID-19 ceased to be a central issue in many parts of the world; not only because of the sustained decline in the number of hospitalizations and deaths caused by the disease — and the gradual return to normality — but also because other issues have become more relevant, such as the war between Russia and Ukraine.

However, it is still important that content posted to Spotify has this disclaimer. By touching it, users access publications of reputable entitiessuch as the World Health Organization and other trusted content sources.

Posts “promoted” through this COVID-19 guide include podcasts from BBC News, be in chain and cnn in spanish, among others. From what has been seen, the material available varies according to the location of the audience to show mainly content in their language.