Spotify has stopped working in Russia. What will happen to subscriptions and how to transfer your music

On Monday, April 11, Spotify has officially ceased his work in Russia, despite the many years he had to go through to get here. The management of the Swedish service warned of the end of work in the Russian market last month, but no details other than the date were given. As a result, users had many questions about exactly how the service would be shut down, what restrictions it would entail, and whether money from paid subscriptions would be returned. We will talk about everything in this article.


Spotify has stopped working in Russia. Now it’s official


Stop Spotify works in Russia, as expected, was not limited to disabling the ability to issue premium subscriptions. The Swedish streaming service has probably burned every bridge it could. However, first of all. For your convenience, I suggest dividing this article into three parts. In the first, we will analyze the restrictions imposed Spotify for Russian usersin the second we will try to figure out whether it is possible to circumvent the established restrictions, and in the third – how to finally take all your music and put it on another site.

Is Spotify blocked in Russia?

Giving people their subscription money back, the scammers

  • Spotify has disappeared from the App Store. It really is. New users will no longer be able to download it from the Russian segment of the App Store.
  • Unable to connect to Spotify. Due to service throttling, the app will no longer let you through the authorization window – even with a VPN, even without it.
  • Subscribe to Spotify. The Swedish service has disabled paid subscriptions for Russian users, regardless of how they paid for them.
  • Will subscriptions be refunded?? Spotify hasn’t said anything about this, so it’s likely subscriptions won’t be refunded. Additionally, many issued them by activating gift cards purchased from Russian retailers.


  • it’s possible transfer music from spotify? Officially, no. But there is a way to do it through the Soundiiz service. It’s still available, but it’s hard to say how long it will last.
  • Will Spotify work in Russia again? There is no official information about it. But the department’s management promises to report back when the situation changes.
  • it’s possible delete Spotify account? Can. The service left this possibility to Russian users and even offered special instructions.
  • How to get your Spotify data? This possibility is also provided. To request your contact information, follow this link and follow the instructions.

What will happen to Spotify in Russia

I never managed to get past this screen. Not with VPN, not after changing region in account settings

Seems to continue use Spotify in Russia and then it will be quite problematic, if not impossible. I do not exclude that soon a way to circumvent the restrictions will be found, but for the moment I can say that I have not managed to make the service believe that I am in another country, even by connecting to the VPN and changing region in Spotify web settings.


It is highly likely that the service will trace the origin of the application used on a particular device. In my case, it was downloaded from the Russian segment of the App Store. Therefore, when changing regions, a conflict occurs. However, Spotify does not warn of anything of this kind, specifying however that you can only change country if you are physically present on its territory.

How to Change Region in Spotify

Spotify lets you reactivate your account if you are physically located outside of Russia. VPN for some reason fails to trick the service, but be aware that in general – when crossing the Russian border – the possibility of regaining access to Spotify there is also. Here’s how:

  • Access the web version of Spotify from this link;
  • Log in to your Spofity account;

Turkish VPN allowed me to change regions. But he won’t let me listen to music on Spotify

  • Open the edit section of your profile;
  • Select your current country of residence and click Save.

I have at the moment Change region in Spotify the VPN has been activated and the connection has been established with the Turkish servers. Spotify identified it and allowed me to change the region to Turkey. Despite this, I was unable to log in to my account in the app. The service kept repeating that I had to change regions without reacting to the changes made.

How to Transfer Music from Spotify

So probably the only way out is to try transfer all your tracks from Spotify to another service, while such an opportunity is still there. I prefer to do it with the Soundiiz platform. I like it for its versatility, since it supports several popular music services in Russia at once, and for free at the initial stage.

I’m going to show how to transfer music from spotify to yandex.Music:

First you need to link your services to soundiiz

  • In the left console, find your service icon, click on it and link your account;
  • Repeat this manipulation for the second service where you will transfer your tracks;

Select playlists and individual tracks as needed

  • Then click on the “Transfer” – “Playlists” button and select the source platform from which the transfer will be made;
  • Select the playlists you want to transfer (after linking the account, the service will recognize them automatically);

Select the target service and wait for the transfer to complete

  • After that, select the target platform to which the tracks are transferred and confirm the transfer.


Soundiiz supports different music platforms and allows you to freely transfer playlists between them. You will find Spotify, Apple Music, VK Music, YouTube Music, Deezer, TIDAL and even SoundCloud. Therefore, you can follow the above instructions in their entirety, except for the step where you need to select the target service for the transfer. Just replace Yandex.Music with whatever platform you’re using, and you’ll be fine, without a hitch.