Steam is coming to Chromebooks, though few teams will be able to run it

Some Google Chromebooks aim to become “computers” video game”. This seems to be indicated by Valve’s proposal, which after many rumors has finally been launched the first version of its Steam client for Chrome OSthe operating system of these laptops.

While Game Developer Summit of 2022 made by Google, the company officially announced the alpha version of Steam for Chrome OS. According to the presenter, said program has just been launched for said operating system; although at the moment it seems that it is not available for download on the Internet.

According to a Tweeter by Ron Amadeo, Google and Mobile Web Journalist Ars-Technica; Those in Mountain View have yet to reveal information about installing Steam on Chrome OS. In addition, in his profile on the social network, he comments that during the presentation, Google directed its users to the official business forums to know more.

You won’t be able to run it on a Chromebook

chrome book

During the conference, they announced that only a handful of Chromebooks will be able to run Steam correctly. In addition, the published requirements are quite high -for a Chromebook-, so much so that almost no computer with Chrome OS will be able to install the Valve client.