Step by Step Guide to Burn MP3 CD in Windows Media Player 12

If your computer has a CD-RW drive, you can create MP3 CDs containing hours of music. Here’s how to burn an MP3 to a data disc CDs in Windows Media Player.

The information in this article applies to Player from Windows Media 12.

How to Burn an MP3 CD in Windows Media Player

To burn audio CDs with Windows Media Player, follow these steps:

  1. Start Windows Media Player and select the Save Tab in the upper right corner.
  2. Set the recording mode to data disc. If it says Audio CD, it is not ready. To change the recording mode, select the Recording options drop-down menu in the top corner right and choose data CD or DVD. The mode should change to Data Disc.
    Windows Media Player 12

    Windows Media Player 12

  3. Locate the MP3 files you want to copy to the CD in the left pane of Windows Media Player.
  4. drag drop individual files, complete albums, playlists or blocks of songs in the recording list on the right side of WMP.

    To choose several tracks that are not together, hold down the Ctrl key while select tracks.

  5. insert a CD-R or a disc rewritable (CD-RW) blank in the optical drive.

    To erase data from the drive, right-click on the drive letter in the left pane associated with the optical drive and select Erase Disk.

  6. Select Start Recording in the right pane and wait for the recording process to complete.

    Some CD players can only play audio discs, not data discs. Check your sound system’s documentation to see if you can play MP3 CDs.