Stop punishing Russian scientists for Putin’s decisions

Five scientists from United States, England and Canada have signed a open letter for the western scientific community. In it, it is requested that the russian scientists for his country’s behavior in the Ukrainian war. They point out that if these researchers are left out, the whole planet will suffer the consequences, because the scientific and technological advances in which they participate are interrupted.

In the letter which has just been published in ScienceThey also specify their rejection of the activities of Vladimir Putin. ““Russian President Vladimir Putin’s brutal and unprovoked war against Ukraine deserves all the opprobrium it has received around the world.” However, they consider it a mistake that their Russian scientific colleagues are paying for their president’s atrocities.

They also urge continued protection and empowerment of Ukrainian scientistsbut without implying sanction researchers from its neighboring country. Finally, they undertake to recall that many Russian scientists have publicly condemned the invasion of ukraine. For this reason, it would not be right for them to also suffer international sanctions against their country.

Solidarity with Russian scientists

The letter which has just been published is signed by John Holdenfrom the University of Cambridge, Nina Feodorofffrom Pennsylvania State University, neal’s wayfrom Rice University, Nick Talbotfrom the Sainsbury’s Laboratory, and Toby Spribillefrom the University of Alberta.

They recall that there are currently many Russian scientists immersed in international projects. Due to international sanctions against Russia, many of them could lose your visa and return to your country. This would entail logical disadvantages for them, but also for the rest of the researchers who work with them in other countries.