Stray gets official rating in Korea

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There are not a few players who were amazed to meet Wander. This BlueTwelve Studio game introduced us to a cyberpunk world through through the eyes of a catsomething very revolutionary for many, and which allowed it to become one of the most sought after games at the time.

Stray gets official rating in South Korea

Although an official release date for Stray has yet to be given, recent news has set off all the alarms. It was in Korea where this game already has an official qualification, which makes many think that its launch will be announced soon.

The qualification determined by the qualification committee of South Korea, determined that Stray is a action game and recommended for children over 12 years old. In its main plot you can find aspects related to drugs and violence, aspects that could already be guessed by seeing its presentation trailer.

Despite the fact that any game’s rating is already in a near final stage of development, don’t trust Stray to announce its release date. until it’s officially done. There are few details about BlueTwelve Studio, so many expect it to be. At the moment what we know is that Stray is a game that will be released for PC and PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, and that it was originally scheduled for early 2022.

Source: Gamingbolt