Sweden is also trying to cut ties with Russia over its space race

The director of the Russian Space Agency (roscosmos), Dmitry Rogozintoday lamented on his Twitter account that his Swedish counterpart has decided not to rely on Russia to send his next satellite, the CARPET. All this happened in the context of the invasion of ukraineafter announcing himself the withdrawal of his country from several international space projects, it is therefore curious that he feels offended by the decision of Sweden.

For their part, from the Scandinavian country, they have not made official statements in this regard. The director of the Swedish Space Agency, Anna Ratmanhe explained in statements on March 8 collected by SpaceNews that they were looking for other options outside of Russia. It’s a logical quest, after a UK satellite operated by OneWeb was blocked by Roscosmos’ strict conditions. Furthermore, the European Space Agency (ESA) sees the launch of the ExoMars mission by the end of this year if the situation does not change.

ESA, NASA and other international companies are looking alternatives to Russian cooperation. This includes the launch of launchers that make it possible to do without Soyuz rockets, as well as engines for their impulse. In addition, it might be necessary to change launch sites, since many missions had to depart from ports operated by Roscosmos.

What do we know about the MATS satellite?

the Satellite MATS (Airglow/aerosol mesospheric tomography and spectroscopy) is designed to study atmospheric waves by analyzing the variation of light emitted by oxygen molecules at 100 km. In addition, he will study the structures of the highest clouds in our atmosphere, the so-called noctilescent clouds.

Through all these images, the scientists of the Swedish Space Agency They plan to do the world’s first map of atmospheric wave properties in all spatial dimensions. But for that, you first have to send the satellite into space.