Taboo, from creator ‘Peaky Blinders’, is a success 5 years after the premiere

Taboo This is the new success of the Netflix series in Latin America; in Spain, it remains on HBO Max. But it is also a curious phenomenon that defies explanation. The lesser known work of the creator of Peaky Blinders Released in 2017 and starring Tom Hardy, it went unnoticed for years. Or at best, it was seen as an intrigue and visual oddity with little resonance beyond England. But now, as part of the Netflix catalog, it’s become a hit.

The Netflix series, which had a single season of eight episodes, seemed to be part of a long list of unique and unfinished projects. Created on BBC and distributed in the United States by Fox did not reach the expected resonance. Taboo, with its dark and extravagant air, shows a Tom Hardy who goes beyond his usual registers. The story of James Delaney, a mysterious man who returns to England in 1814 with vengeance in tow, is surprisingly dark. Also, for Steven Knight’s ability to create a rare work with a deep personality, disconcerting in its rawness.

Netflix’s new hit completely departs from much of the platform’s catalog. This sinister and dark play, peppered with seemingly supernatural elements, is based on the possibility of secrecy. At the time, Taboo was described as “an exceedingly macabre Victorian tale”. But in reality it is a mature, disturbing and dense work, based on stories of moral and spiritual nightmares of surprising intelligence.

Set in a Charles Dickens-inspired London, with liner notes by Wilkie Collins and Joseph Conrad, this Journey in the Dark is a claustrophobic tale. Tabou, beyond its disturbing air, is also a look at a type of television story that does not follow conventions. And therefore its success.

A mystery box with Tom Hardy at the helm

By the time it hit BBC screens, Steven Knight was already enjoying the success of Peaky Blinders. But he was also obsessed with creating a much denser author story. In reality, all in Taboo seems to be tied to a fragmented history. The eight chapters are script marvels that tie several threads together in parallel. In particular, the perception of a dark type of evil that rarely reaches stories aimed at all audiences.