Taika Waititi trolled Marvel to direct ‘Thor: Ragnarok’

The humor in the superheroic adventures of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is, in general, house brand. And, if we take it into account, to say that Thor: Ragnarok (Taika Waititi 2017) should perhaps be considered the funniest film in such a great franchise, with the two volumes of guardians of the galaxydirected by James Gunn (2014, 2017), in pursuit, is no small feat.

The main reason for so much fun is knowing who is in front: Taika Waititiwho had already given us What we do in the shadows (2014), the hilarious mockumentary on which the homonymous series available on HBO Max is based. And, of course, the lucidity of its screenwriters, Eric Pearson, Craig Kyle and Christopher L. Yost. But the New Zealand director played dirty to be able to take care of her.

Not very dirty either, yes, be careful; nor for him to bow his talented head and ask forgiveness. At The Late Late Show with James Cordenthe current version of the veteran CBS TV show created by David Letterman in 1995 after those of hosts Tom Snyder, Craig Kilborn and ditto Ferguson, explained Taika Waititi How did you manage to stay in the project? from Thor: Ragnarok.

Taika Waititi said yes to everything to be able to face ‘Thor: Ragnarok’

“When a movie like Thor crosses your path, what do you think you have to do to impress the people at Marvel?” asks the London presenter. Taika Waititi, without cutting a hair, replies: “Say yes, say yes asset. “Absolutely, I can do it. I won’t let you down.” You already know: sIf you want a job, you have to lie, youyou have to pretend”.

And actress Pamela Adlon, creator of the series better things with Louis CK (2016-2022) and alongside the director on the sofa of the CBS set, he supports his words. “Mel Brooks said, ‘Say yes to everything, even if you speak without a clue. Just say yes, and then you get to the point where you do it and everything works“. And boy did it work. We not only had a great time with Thor: Ragnarok but repeated in Thor: Love and Thunder (2022), awaiting release.